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Cable Routing System | LFS

We offer reliable and accurate Cable Routing System | LFS for industries, offices and homes. OBO BETTERMANN produces Cable routing System that are efficient for installation and planning processes and also convenient to use by everybody.

This Cable Routing System | LFS that we introduce is tested by professional engineers to ensure its durability and effectiveness. We guarantee that our system for cable management routing is calculated carefully to provide the exact trunking size for efficient flow of current.

Our Cable Routing System | LFS has a wide range of colors that you can integrate in many kinds of office landscape depending upon the type of application and environment. The Cable Routing System | LFS is available in RAL colors like pure white – RAL 9010, light grey – RAL 7035, cream – RAL 9001 and grey – RAL 7030 as standard and other alternative colors such as NCS and DB are also available by request.

This Cable Routing System | LFS that we recommend uses modern technology to acquire the finest routing system for cables.

• Space Saver
• Flexible
• Easy to install
• High Quality
• Safe to use
• Corrosion resistant
• Durable
• Efficient
• Easy to maintain

Product/System Ranges:
• Plastic cable trunking
• Metal cable trunking
• Skirting trunking
• Wiring duct, Dahl
• Device installation trunking and ducts, 
  45 mm mounting opening, plastic and aluminum
• Device installation trunking and ducts,
  80 mm mounting opening, plastic, aluminum and sheet steel
• Service pole systems
• Device installation systems
• U-clamp systems
• Screw-in and knock-in systems

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