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Cable Management Systems | OBO BETTERMANN

OBO BETTERMANN South East Asia Pte. Ltd. provides flexible and intelligent Cable Management System for energy, infrastructure and industrial project, commercial and residential construction and a whole lot more.

Our Cable Management Systems | OBO BETTERMANN has a wide range of functional maintenance that is suitable for your requirements and has the most strict requirements on carrying capacity, flexibility and reliability when it comes to installation process.

We introduce this solution planned with a highly efficient system that is compatible with each other for preventing damages with minimal installation time.

We have this highly sophisticated Cable Management Systems (Cable Ladder, Cable Tray, Mesh Cable Tray, Trunking, Service Poles and Underfloor System) which has been proven and tested through the years all over the world.

• Space Saver
• Flexible
• Easy to install
• High Quality
• Safe to use
• Corrosion resistant
• Durable
• Efficient
• Easy to maintain

Tested and Approved by:
• DIN 4102 part 9
• Classes E30 to E90
• DIN 4102 part 12

Products/System Ranges:
• Connector and fastening system
• Transient and lightning protection system
• Cable support system
• Fire protection system
• Cable routing system
• Device system
• Underfloor system
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Registration number: 201427710DOBO BETTERMANN: Conducting electricity, Routing data and Controlling energy. Wherever electricity flows,...