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Cable Glands (Brass Nickel Plated) & Accessories, Thread Converters, Blanking Plugs and Drain & Breather Image

Cable Glands (Brass Nickel Plated) & Accessories, Thread Converters, Blanking Plugs and Drain & Breather

Brass Nickel Plated Captive Components Glands for Flexible, Steel Wire/Braided Cables and Tape Armoured Cables. Available in Stainless Steel 316 and Aluminium on request.

Thread Converters, Blanking Plugs and Drain & Breather
Adaptors - Reducers - Couplers - Unions - Plugs - Drain & Breather
Ex d IIC, Ex e IIC, Ex t IIIC , IP66/67/68 rated.
Applications: For use Industrial and Hazardous Locations and Corrosive Environment. IECEx, ATEX and IEC62444 certified. IP66/67/68 rated.
London Undergound Approval for applicable cable gland range.
Key Specifications/Special Features:
CCG Cable Glands for armoured/taped cables, are designed with Two Parts Handling, No Loose Parts with Integral cone, Cone Ring and Seals. High Quality Brass with Marine Grade Electroless Nickel Plating as standard finishing. Fitted with retentive polypropylene sealing gasket with High Quality Brass Nickel Plated Locknut as standard.

Corrosion Guard Cable Glands - Brass Nickel Plated Cable Gland with Mechanical Screw On Shroud, for use in Highly Corrosive and Wet Environment. An alternative option for lesser cost comparative against Stainless Steel Cable Glands.

CCG QuickStop Barrrier Glands - Instantly mixed and injected Resin. Resin forms a 100% barrier seal around the individual cores of the cables.

Precision manufactured from High Quality Brass (Marine grade electroless nickel plated as standard finishing) or Stainless Steel 316 and Bronze(for Drain & Breather) on request.
Awards & Accolades: HarzardEx 2007, UK - Contribution toward Safety Award, HazardEx 2017, UK - Best User Application

IEC, IECEx, London Underground

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South Africa

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CCG commenced manufacturing cable glands in 1972 using the latest German Index machining technology at the time. The launch of the original...