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Brushes are commonly used as a tool for cleaning, polishing, grooming and painting. They come in different shapes and they are named according to their use i.e. paint brush, toothbrush, hair brush, dishwashing brush, nail brush, wire brush etc. They consist of bristles attached to a handle. Since several brushes are intended for different things, bristles should match the material to be brushed.

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Brushes are tools used for surface finishing, cleaning, painting, grooming hair, make up and many other purposes. They come with wires, bristles, or other filaments for functionality purposes. Brushes are one of the most basic and versatile tools known to mankind.

The following brushes are categorized according to application:
• For cleaning and polishing – their function is mainly to remove particles of matter. They come in various sizes, from a tooth brush to deck brushes. There are brushes designed to clean tiny cracks and some are made for cleaning huge warehouse floors.
o Broom (long-handled brush)
o Bottle brush (long-handled brush with rows or radial brushes, made to fit in the small opening and access the larger space inside.)
o Toothbrush
o Gun-barrel brush
o Vacuum-cleaner brush
o Scrubber
o Floor brush (yard brush, hand brush, yard broom)
o Nail brush
o Car-wash brush
o Clothes brush
• For combing filaments – used to untangle and straighten filaments.
o Hair brush
o Dog-grooming brush
o Dandy brush (for horse grooming)
• For application of material – are designed to apply substance onto a surface. These brushes are commonly made by clamping the bristles to a handle with a circular clamp. Bristles may be synthetic or natural.
o Makeup brush
o Wall-paper brush
o Paintbrush (fine art)
o Paintbrush (house decoration)
o Shoe-polish brush (polish applicator)
o Finger-print forensic brush
o Pastry brush

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Basic Listings

ANS Import & Export Pte Ltd

49 Tuas Sth Ave 1 Tuas Cove Ind Centre S(637250)

Boon Koon Hardware Pte Ltd

45 Dickson Rd S(209520)

Boon Koon Hardware Pte Ltd has been established since December 1982 with current assets of 8 million. The core business is importing and ...

Chan Man Lee Trading Co Pte Ltd

75 Rowell Rd S(208011)

Chan Man Lee Trading Co Pte Ltd was founded in the year 1958 by Mr. Chan Chin Ock with the help of his brothers, Peter and Chan Wah. Our ...

Colorland Paint Centre Pte Ltd

189 East Coast Rd S(428895)

Colorland has been participating actively in Singapore paint industry for the past 30 years. Its parent company started out as supplier of ...

Instrumac Tools Marketing

61 Kaki Bt Ave 1 #05-39 Shun Li Ind Pk S(417943)

J I Trading & Manufacturing Pte Ltd

18 Kaki Bt Rd 3 #03-16 Entrepreneur Business Centre S(415978)

Jag Equipment Pte Ltd

Blk 1074 Eunos Ave 6 #01-183 S(409630)

Since our incorporation, Jag Equipment Pte Ltd provides quality, reliable and efficient solutions for every customer’s requirements. ...

Kew Lian Pte Ltd (Kaki Bt)

61 Kaki Bt Ave 1 #03-03 Shun Li Ind Pk S(417943)

Kok Han Marketing Pte Ltd

3 Kaki Bt Rd 1 #01-03/04 Eunos Technolink S(415935)

Kok Han Marketing Pte Ltd is a company established in 1989 and has been a long running player in the manufacturing and hardware supplies ...