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Blovac Air Drawn Drum Pump, Exair Guns and Cleaner

Ajet Engineering Pte Ltd provides wide range of products including this BLOVAC Drum Pump, EXAIR Guns and Blovac Cleaner.

The BLOVAC drum pump is exclusively used for drums, and makes use of compressed air. Available in three types, we have the Q type for suction, TO type for discharge and QTO type for both suction and discharge. We also offer special types like G, S and N which are classified according to the liquid handled. These air drawn industrial pumps feature simple structure and distinguished efficiency that can be easily used, handled and maintained.

Our drum pump is designed to be set on the filler neck of an existing steel drum. It is commonly used in machinery and equipment where liquid exchange is required. It is also used for the collection and exchange of various solvents, sewage, waste oil, sludge, etc. It easily and quickly sucks liquid from the drum without a rotating body inside, thus less worry on trouble due to wear and tear. This drum pump is associated with pressure reducing valve or safety valve as additional safety measure during the discharging process. Other features include speed suction and discharge, and with outstanding durability.

Aside from drum pumps, we also offer high quality EXAIR guns and cleaners that are also effectively used for suction and discharge of various substances like water, dust, oil and chips.

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