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Blasting contractors abrasive, grit, shot, etc., are companies and individual offering blasting and drilling services and related products for a certain project or period of time. They specializes in a single or combination of blasting processes like sandblasting, shot blasting, abrasive blasting, rock blasting, and grit blasting.

Here are other types of processes blasting contractors do:
 Wet Abrasive Blasting. An alternative to sandblasting, wet abrasive process or vapourmatting has the ability to use warm to hot water and soap to allow simultaneous degreasing and blasting.
 Bead Blasting. Utilizes fine glass beads at high pressure in removing surface deposits without damaging the façade of the material.
 Wheel Blasting. Centrifugal force is applied to a wheel in propelling abrasive against an object or surface.
 Hydro Blasting. Known as water blasting uses highly pressurized stream of water in removing old paint, chemicals, or buildup without damaging the original surface.
 Micro-abrasive Blasting. Also termed as Pencil blasting is a dry abrasive blasting with small nozzles used for small part or areas.
 Automated Blasting. Automatic abrasive blasting.
 Dry Ice Blasting. Using of air and dry ice in dislodging surface contaminants.
 Bristle Blasting. Employs brush-like rotary tool dynamically tuned high carbon steel wire bristles to perform the process.

In line with these various methods of blasting, contractors uses different types of equipment to finish their job well. These tools include: portable blast equipment, blast cabinet, and blast iron. Also, various media types like mineral such silica sand and garnet, crushed nut shells and fruit kernels, corn and wheat starch, dry ice and sodium bicarbonate, and metal iron like steel shot and grit, stainless steel, copper, cut wire, aluminum and zinc shot.

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Basic Listings

A & A Techno-Engrg & Services Pte Ltd

2 Alexandra Rd #06-02B Delta Hse S(159919)

Provides Industrial, Marine & Offshore Equipment, Parts & Services Worldwide ...

Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd

5 Tuas Sth St 1 S(638059)

Established in 1990, Abrasive Engineering Pte Ltd is a Singapore owned company which started in designing and fabricating blasting and shot ...

Advance Surface Industries Pte Ltd

39 Sg Kadut St 1 S(729344)

ADVANCE SURFACE INDUSTRIES PTE LTD was established in 1996, offering a complete range of surface preparation products and services. Led by ...

Aswell (FE) Pte Ltd

50 Tuas Ave 11 #03-31/32 Tuas Lot S(639107)

Aswell (FE) Pte Ltd is an Importer, Exporter and offers trading of blasting & sprays painting equipment. Our range of products ...

ATC, Applied Total Control Treatment Pte Ltd

6 Marsiling Lane Blk B S(739145)

ATC has grown to create a tradition of complete customer satisfaction. ATC offers metal finishing services including plating of zinc, ...

Blast & Paint Pte Ltd

3016 Bedok Nth Ave 4 #03-25 Eastech S(489947)

Blastech Abrasives Pte Ltd

15 Benoi Rd S(629888)

BLASTECH Abrasives Pte Ltd, providing you with abrasive blasting and various painting services for a wide range of structures, typically ...

Blastserve Singapore Pte Ltd

11 Pioneer Rd Nth #01-67 S(628462)

Blastserv leads the way combining its resources. Efficiency and superior quality maintained has been the cornerstone in providing ...