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Bond Technical Services

47 Kallang Pudding Rd #08-11 Crescent @ Kallang S(349318)

Bond Technical Services was established in the year 1984. Our vast knowledge in technical services is the forefront of our business ...

A & A Techno-Engrg & Services Pte Ltd

2 Alexandra Rd #06-02B Delta Hse S(159919)

Provides Industrial, Marine & Offshore Equipment, Parts & Services Worldwide ...

Bio Laboratories Pte Ltd

10 Ubi Cres #06-02 Ubi Techpark Lobby A S(408564)

Bio-Rad Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd

27 International Business Pk #03-03 IQuest@IBP S(609924)

Bio-REV Pte Ltd

36 Toh Guan Rd East #01-39 Enterprise Hub S(608580)

Biovision Pte Ltd

15 Jln Kilang Barat #06-07 Frontech Centre S(159357)

BST Scientific Pte Ltd

41 Science Pk Rd #04-08 The Gemini S(117610)

Dusemund Pte Ltd

25 International Business Pk #04-62 German Centre S(609916)

Dusemund Pte Ltd was set up in July 2003. The company is located at the German Centre. Dr. Claus Dusemund has worked as a lab leader in ...

EINST Technology Pte Ltd

1092 Lower Delta Rd #04-01 Tiong Bahru Ind Est S(169203)

Far East Technology Pte Ltd

27 Mandai Est #06-06 Innovation Pl, Tower 2 S(729931)

1st Base Pte Ltd

41 Science Pk Rd #01-28 The Gemini S(117610)

HCS Scientific & Chemical Pte Ltd

2 Penjuru Pl #01-08 2-8 Penjuru Tech Hub S(608783)

Laboratory distributor and supplier of more than 100, 000 scientific products ranging from Plasticware, Glassware, Chemicals, Safety ...

Biotechnology Products are those products that are manufactured by the recombinant DNA technology, where the genetic adjustment of the cells is required or the monoclonal antibody. Applications of these products are sent by the European Centralized procedure (European Medicines agency site). Biotechnology has actually established or makes the numerous products and some of them are as follows:

Bread: The baking enzymes are produced by the genetically boosted microorganisms to reinforce dough, freshness for the longest time and improve rising. The Advantages of this manufacturing process are:

• Reduces the CO2 emissions
• High quality of bread
• It disposes of the presumed carcinogen potassium bromate.

Detergents: Fungi genetically or microorganisms are enhanced to establish the bio tech enzymes, which can be added as brightening and cleaning agents.

Their benefits are:

• Due to phosphates, water pollutions are removed.
• It saves the energy.
• Clothes are clean and intense due to the low cleaned temperature.

Synthetic Rubber: Genetically boosted microorganisms ferment BioIsoprene TM with the assistance of sugars, which are originated from the renewable resources. Bio Isoprene TM is polymerized for the synthetic rubber and the other elastomers. Their benefits are:
• Use of petroleum is reduced.
• Easy to forecast the raw materials cost and availability.
• Minimizes expense and high purity.

Fuel Ethanol: It is made by the enzymatic and hydrolysis of starch and cellulose. Their advantages are:

• Usage of chemicals is lowered.
• Tail pipeline of benzene is lowered by the ethanol, which are called carcinogen.
• Fuel prices are minimized.

Plastic companies: Chemical structure blocks are fermented from the sugar. Ethanol is transformed into the polythene by the heating processing and mixing. Their benefits are:

• Usage of the fuel energy is reduced about 80 %.
• Plastics are naturally degradable and recyclable.
• Similar properties and quality of the petroleum based polyethylene.

Biology or Biological Products are the medications. Biological products are made use of for the illness and significant or life threatening conditions, which include cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. These are comprised of the proteins, sugar, nucleic acids or the complex combination of these compounds or may be living compounds (cells and tissues). Similarly as drugs, these products are used to deal with the illness.

Biological Products are: Vaccines, Botox, Herception and Enbrel and far more. Biological Extracts are prepared in 3 types: strong kind, dry powder type and semi-liquid form. Biological Extracts are known for the security and purity use. The functions of the biological products are:

It is possible that the structure is not defined.

• They are not easily identified.
• Usually, the weight of the molecules is high.
• They are made with live cells or organisms. So, contamination and inherent threat are there.
• They are typically Immuneogenic.

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