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Sulo Litter Bins

The increasing responsibility for our environment requires sustainable solutions for adequate sorting of waste and recyclables. SULO offers a wide range of litter bins for many different locations: pedestrian ares, parks, public spaces, bus stops  ...

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18 Boon Lay Way #09-117 TradeHub 21 S(609966)

For almost 120 years the name SULO has been a strong trademark symbolising tradition, innovation and future-oriented strategy. From its headquarters in Herford, Germany, the SULO Group operates its comprehensive scope of activities. SULO ...

Bin Slats

Bin slats are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor  ...

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11 Woodlands Cl #04-46 Woodlands 11 S(737853)

At Swan-Li , we provide our clients with a wide range of services from project planning, playground designs, parks amenities supply, custom fabrications, installations and project commissioning. Meeting the needs of our clients is our ...

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bin slats

Materials - Stainless steel - Hairline and Mirror finishing - Galvanised steel - Choice of colours - Powder Coating (PC*) Features - High durability - Easy maintenance - Withstand adverse weather  ...

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541 Bt Batok St 23 #03-00 Tacam Ind Bldg S(659546)

Since our inception in 1934, as a producer of steel products, OTTO entered the waste handling market by starting up the mass production of steel litter bins in 1950. Soon after the introduction of plastic as raw material in the early sixties, OTTO ...