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Batteries are part of our everyday life. A day would not last without using our hand phones. Every time we go out, we either drive our car or take a public vehicle. We use a remote control to switch channels while watching television. We unconsciously bump with batteries in everyday events. Battery is a device used to generate electrical energy. It powers hand phones, remote control, flash lights, hearing aids and helps cars to start easily. There are even automobiles invented today that operates by electrical energy stored in batteries. These all-electric vehicles derive all its power from battery packs and do not use gasoline. Portability is what makes batteries so important. Can you imagine using your hand phones, cameras, remote control, flash lights, wristwatches and cars plugged in to electrical outlets? It would be so difficult and troublesome. The convenience brought by batteries led to the invention of more gadgets, appliances and equipment that make use of them. Now, there are battery operated lawn mowers, wireless mouse, fans, lamps, and television that used to be only available with cords. Battery life does not usually last long because of frequent usage of devices that require them. This turned out to be more costly compared to using the power source at home. Also, batteries contain hazardous substances, corrosive materials and heavy metals that can impair human health and the environment if not disposed properly. These concerns paved the way to the rechargeable replacements of single used batteries. Rechargeable batteries can last for months or years depending on how they are used. It means you can save money and protect the environment as well. We can fully appreciate the use of batteries when electricity goes out. They allow us to operate our laptop, hand phones, mp3 players and alarm clocks wherever we are, no matter what the situation is. You just have to remember to keep your batteries charged at all times.


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Batteries are a necessary device today; used in different settings to provide people with the necessary energy and electricity to run their gadgets, especially when powers are down. These devices are equipped with electrochemical cells for changing stored energy into electrical energy. Their cells are consisted of anode (negative terminal) and cathode (positive terminal). Providing batteries with energy to do their job, electrolytes permit ions to freely move across terminals and electrodes.

There are at least two types of batteries: primary and secondary. The difference between the two is their capability to recharge after being drained. Primary batteries such as alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries are not rechargeable while secondary batteries such as those used on laptops, cellphones and smartphones are. The production of rechargeable batteries assisted in revolutionizing the way people communicated with each other today. People can call each other whenever and wherever.

These energy giving devices are applied on a number of industries such as telecommunication, transportation and manufacturing. Batteries are an important part of a household’s emergency kit, especially during natural calamities like storms and typhoons which raises the possibility of power lines being cut due to heavy rains and strong winds.

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Basic Listings

Best Marine Electrical

61 Kaki Bt Ave 1 #03-17 Shun Li Ind Pk S(417943)

Best Marine Electrical is one of the leading providers of top quality ship equipment and supplies in marine industry. Over the years, we ...

Power-Sonic Singapore Pte Ltd

8 Kaki Bt Rd 2 #02-09 Ruby Warehouse Complex S(417841)

A D Industries Pte Ltd

89 Short St #04-11 Golden Wall Centre S(188216)

A D Industries Pte Ltd provides supplies for the following: - Batteries - Chargers - Earphones - Audio/ Video/ Telephone ...

Aflex Wheeltronics Pte Ltd

7 gambas cres #05-25 ark@gambas S(757087)

Aflex Wheeltronics Pte Ltd is a component trading and engineering company based in Singapore. Our services are:• Uninterrupted power ...

Amos Industries Pte Ltd

2 Yishun Ind St 1 #07-18/19 Northpoint BizHub S(768159)

Buying, selling or servicing your boat? Then, you've come to the right people. Fully accredited with ISO 9001: 2000 and the UKAS Quality ...

Apecus Technologies Pte Ltd

7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #06-50 Northstar @ AMK S(569880)

AmpereFlux Automation Components Pte Ltd

48 Saraca View S(807314)

Established in 2012, AmpereFlux Automation Components Pte Ltd is a commercial hardware and electronics components provider inSingaporeand ...

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd

15 Little Rd #03-01/02 S(536988)

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd specializes in Batteries, Variety of Cables, Connectors, Control Sequence, Electronic Connectors, Electrical ...

B & Lee Electronics Pte Ltd (Sim Lim Tower)

10 Jln Besar #03-35 & #13-06/07 Sim Lim Tower S(208787)

Ban Seng Tyre Service

1 Kaki Bt Ave 6 #02-10 Autobay @ Kaki Bt S(417883)

Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd

11 Kian Teck Rd S(628768)

Welcome to Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd. Battery Asia is the stockist, wholesaler, importer and exporter of automotive, stationary, deep cycle, ...