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Ball, Piston & Butterfly Valves

Aware of the industry's urgent need for top-quality products which guarantee leakage-free operation.

Ball, Piston & Butterfly Valves
 with superior performance and extreme reliability is offered at Gumpold Fluid Controls Pte Ltd.

Ball, Piston & Butterfly Valves can be used from -196°C up to +600°C and pressure up to 400bar. 

The sealing element is the heart of a valve - high flexibility and consequent utilization of material are reached with simulations and calculations. Each sealing element can be replaced by another at any time. This allows quick and easy adjustment of the valve to altering requirements.

Gumpold Fluid Controls Pte Ltd provides wide array of Ball, Piston & Butterfly Valves with different configurations and specifications to suit diverse customer’s requirements. All valves are rigorously tested and proven high quality and top grade.

KLINGER manufacture Piston Valve in their plant in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria. Klinger have design the first piston valve by replaced the sealing system of a conventional globe valve with two elastic replaceable jointing rings. For many years, Klinger have make constant reasearch and development that yield a quality and efficiency and reliable piston valve.
Klinger manufacture Piston Valve with various type of material and standard. They are available in cast iron, spheroidal cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. Mounted on different connection like Flange according to DIN, ANSI class, Socket Weld, Butt Weld or Screwed ends are available in our stock.

The design of Piston Valve is the sealing system, this is formed by two valve rings enveloping a stainless steel piston. The upper valve ring seals to the outside, the lower ring seals across the bore. Due to the large piston surface the sealing effect is optimal and because of the construction principle, damage to the sealing surface is precluded and tightness is guranteed as a result.
Applications: Ball Valve:
• Viscous media
• Dusty media
• Liquid and natural gases
• Semiconductor production 
• Tank vehicles
• Superheated steam, water, and heat transfer oils
• Chemical industries
• Pulp, textile and paper industry

Piston Valve:
• Steam
• District heating
• Process industry
• Refinery
• Chemistry
• Petr
Key Specifications/Special Features: Ball Valve:
• Suitable for wide range of applications
• Maintenance-free
• Rugged and durable construction
• Superior performance with high level of reliability
• Lever Interlocking Device 
• State-of-the-art design and manufacturing
• Improved versatility in different operations
• Fire-safe test according to API Standrd 607/4. Edition
• Manufacturer and Type Approvals
• Tested according to various industrial standards

Piston Valve:
The advantages of Klinger Piston Valve :
- Reliable tight –across the ports and to the atmosphere
- Environmentally safe and energy efficient
- Asbestos –free
- No erosion on the sealing surfaces
- Maintenance-free / Easy to install
- Valve rings are replaceable in line
-Fire-safe tested to according to API 6FA
- Inspected according to EPA-emission-test
-Suitable for oxygen (BAM)

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