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Automatic Magnet Crane

High quality and high performance Automatic Magnet Crane is available at Interlift Sales Pte Ltd. We specialize in providing magnetic crane which is obtainable in different capacity ranges. This crane is capable of handling light to heavy loads depending on specific application. Different configuration of magnets can be provided as per client requirements. The excellent assembly and construction of this industrial crane gives better serviceability in all operations.

Automatic Magnet Crane uses the electromagnetic principle which effectively handles different metals including iron and steel. It is designed with top quality materials which make sure optimum performance will be achieved even in challenging operations. The magnet crane is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation between fixed cross handling or transporting metal products and materials.

Interlift Sales Pte Ltd provides customization of Automatic Magnet Crane to suit the operations of workplaces. Contact us today for your magnet crane’s needs and requirements, we will be glad to assist you anytime.

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