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Fans and Blowers Company air handling units (AHU) can be made use of effectively for unfavorable pressure control at production facilities.
Space Pressure Control is used to reduce and manage the exchange of air between the structure and the outside environment or from one structure location to another. This might be achieved in 3 ways:
- Continuous air supply with variable-speed exhaust;
- Variable air supply with constant-speed exhaust;
- Variable Return-Air.
Fans and Blowers Company produces Make-Up Air Units for bigger commercial plants ventilation requirements.
Negative Atmospheric pressure in commercial production facilities can produce problems such as:
* Exhaust fans losing performance, as the building pressure becomes negative.
* Pilot light interruptions and exhaust system failure on natural draft gas equipment.
* Cold air drafts and seepage of dirt and contamination from outdoors.
* Problem opening or closing outside doors.
Consistent air supply with variable-speed exhaust is recommended where a hot or polluted environment needs to be ventilated while keeping room pressure. System may be interlocked to that it just runs with the exhaust system.
Variable Air Supply with constant-speed exhaust may be preferred where fume exhausters or fume hoods are used to offer important ventilation of impurities from a clean environment while cosmetics air is utilized to preserve a favorable pressure to avoid seepage.

In either case, when the system is made it possible for, a pressure sensor in the structure space monitors pressure. When a high or low pressure reading is identified, the air supply or exhaust is changed to compensate.
When managing a Variable Air Supply unit (or VAV Device - Variable Air Volume), 2 methods are offered:
- Damper Control - Unit discharge damper is changed using the damper motor.
- VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) - Controller adjusts the speed of the blower motor Discharge Damper adjustment is an older method of managing discharge air volume. Its main advantage is that it only needs positional control of a little discharge damper motor. The significant disadvantage is the wasted Horse power of the blower motor at lower delivery rates.
Recently, fan speed control utilizing VFDs has ended up being cost-effective. In this application, a conventional energy reliable motor is typically appropriate to 75 % of normal motor speeds. For a fan speed down to 25 %, a premium efficiency motor is needed. Inverter duty motors are not usually essential because at 25 % of normal fan speed, air delivery is minimal.
Variable Frequency Drives are also programmable. They are used to offer soft starts and to ramp motor accelerate or down in response to signals from the control system.
Lastly, in a normally clean environment without a critical requirement to eliminate huge amounts of impurities, a simple solution to developing pressurization is a Return Air Unit with the return air damper motor managed by constructing a pressure sensor. When building pressure boosts, more inside air is returned through the system, relieving the pressure.
When building pressure falls, more outside air is supplied to the structure in order to pump up the pressure. Accurate control of building pressure by a single tool can hence be accomplished.
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