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Air Fin Coolers /Storage Tanks

A comprehensive range of Air Fin Coolers/Storage Tanks are provided at Liquimech Engineering Pte Ltd.

We have high quality Air Fin Coolers that are extensively utilised in refineries, oil & gas sector, petrochemical plants, and condensing units. A lot of process fluids in process industries are effectively cooled by air fin coolers with air as the cooling medium, thus resulting to economical running costs. The BGR Energy builds air fin coolers for various high pressure and high temperature applications in the process industries with metallurgy suitable for highly corrosive fluids.

Also, we provide designing, engineering, procurement, and fabrication of above ground Steel Storage Tanks that comes with total in-house design facility for floating, cone and dome roof tanks as per API 650. The supply includes tank protection systems like Rim Seal Fire Protection, Cathodic Protection Systems and Fire Protection. We also do procurement and supply of tank accessories such as side entry mixers, flame arrestors, heating coils, level instruments, radar gauges, and other instruments as per engineering requirement. Furthermore, during erection and commissioning of storage tanks, technical support and assistance will be provided by trained personnel.

Other products include BGR Energy (INDIA) - Air Fin Coolers/Radiator and Compressor Coolers/Tube Bundles/Finned Tubes/Two / Three Phase / Test Separator skids/Pig Launchers / Receivers/Storage tanks & Tank farms.
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Material Cast Steel, Fabricated Steel, Fabricated Stainless Steel/ Duplex, Super Duplex

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