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Air Conditioning Parts

The best listing for Air Conditioning Parts is here at The Green Book Directory. Our wide range of database will connect you to its related industry and associated information. We could help you find related products such as compressors, coils, filters and other related classifications. A broad list of air conditioning part manufacturers, dealers, supplier, distributors, wholesalers, stockists and services can be found here to meet your purchasing needs.

Air conditioning parts are those components needed for an air conditioner unit to provide temperature regulation and control. Whether it’s a split type, tower type, cassette or window type, the same air con or hvac parts will be presented inside the air con units. The various parts need to work together in order to have an efficient operation.

Below are the common air con parts and its function:

The air con fluid or refrigerant will enter the compressor as a cold low-pressure gas. The compressor will then compress the fluid. The compression will make the molecules of the fluid to be closer together. As the molecules get closer, it will produce higher energy and temperature.

Condenser Coil
The refrigerant leaves the compressor as high pressure hot gas and moves into the condenser. It is generally a network of tubes with liquid refrigerant that expedites heat exchange between hot and cold air.
When the air con fluid leaves the condenser, its temperature is cooler and due to a high pressure, the gas will transform to a liquid. The liquid moves into the evaporator through a narrow hole. The air con liquid's pressure drops and begins to evaporate into a gas.

The evaporator is normally located on the inner side of the air con unit its main function is to absorb the heat from the warmer air to boil the refrigerant liquid, this process will absorb heat out of the room’s air.

Air Filters
Is an air-conditioning part that removes dust, pollen and bacteria to ensure better health and hygiene, modern air conditioners have air filter elements to trap dust, pollen and other air particles as air travels through the air conditioning system.

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uPVC Drainage Pipe & Fitting

GREENLAND uPVC Drain Pipes & Fittings are made of high quality PVC materials that are non corrosion and high chemical resistance. It served as an excellence drainage system for discharging of Air-Con water. The smooth surface also helps to

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5 Fifth Lok Yang Rd S(629756)

Greenland Plastics Industries (S) Pte Ltd

Welcome to Greenland Plastics Manufacturing. We are a specialist producer of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PE (Polyethlene), ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) and Halogen Free (HF) material based products. With almost 40 years of extrusion and ...

Industrial Chiller, Condenser & Evaporator Coils

Fully functional and highly reliable Condensers/Evaporator Coils are provided at Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd. These condensers and evaporator coils are well-designed using first class materials and components to make sure of uncompromised

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57 Senang Cres S(416624)

Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd

Incorporated in the year 1994, Weeseng HVAC Technology Pte Ltd is currently a leading manufacturer of Industrial Water Chiller, Air Dehumidifier, Heat Exchangers, Oil Cooler and Low Temperature Brine Chiller application products. Our company is an ...

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Million Agencies Pte Ltd

756 Up Serangoon Rd #03-08 Up Serangoon Shopping Centre S(534626)

Million Agencies Pte Ltd is a progressive company and one of the leading Stockists, Agent and Distributors for Instrumentation and ...

Aeolus Pte Ltd

Blk 86 Marine Parade Central #03-205 Marine Parade Promenade S(440086)

Air Harmony Pte Ltd

44 Kaki Bt Cres #02-00 Kaki Bt Techpark 1 S(416268)

Armour Group Holdings Pte Ltd

10 Marina Blvd Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2 S(018983)

ARMOUR Group Holdings Pte Ltd / ARMOUR Corporation Pte Ltd are a leading distributor & supplier of Air-Conditioning Materials in the ASEAN ...

Asiatic Auto Air-Con Parts Pte Ltd

Blk 10 Sin Ming Ind Est Sec C #01-20 to 24 S(575645)