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Elson Speed Limiters

Effectively control the speed of a vehicle using these high performance Elson Speed Limiters available at Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd. These speed governors are equipped with encoded electronic and adjustable actuator with lever system which outstandingly administers the desired vehicle’s maximum speed.

Speed Limiters are great to use since these devices have lots of environmental, safety, and cost benefits. These include lowering of fuel consumption that truly helps in reducing toxic emissions in the air and cost saving on fuel purchases. In addition, speed limiters reduce the risk of collision on roads since driving speed will be lowered. Thus, expensive repair costs for tires, motor and brakes will be eliminated.

Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd distributes wide range of Elson Speed Limiters for different applications. All these speed limiters are guaranteed high quality and high performance even for most demanding applications.
Key Specifications/Special Features: • Reduce risks of accidents by limiting the maximum vehicle’s speed
• Prevent irrevocable loss of lives, products, goods and a lot more
• Lessen the risk and severity of accidents
• Allow driver to have complete concentration on the traffic – consistent watch of the speed limit is eliminated
• Lower fuel consumption and repair costs
• Long service life for the vehicle
• Eliminate possible road traffic violation

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