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Range: Round bending machine with roller 65mm diameter >>

Range: 350mm to 700mm scroll saw machineModel:AF-35AF-50AF-60AF-70 >>

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C Track Festoon systems are used to provide electrical supply to various kinds of mobile tools. They can be developed not only to sustain and shield standard and rounded electric festoon cables, but a >>

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Growa (F.E) Pte Ltd

Our Diamond Cup Wheels from BOSUN offers superior quality grinding capability manufactured with diamond segments attached on steel. This type of tool is mounted on grinders to smoothen abrasive concr >>

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Wasaw Trading

High performance Dinamic Oil Hydraulic Winches are available at Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd. The standard range of these winches covers 500kg to 30 Tons line pull, which gives greater efficiency >>

Effectively control the speed of a vehicle using these high performance Elson Speed Limiters available at Interpump Hydraulics Asia Pte Ltd. These speed governors are equipped with encoded electronic >>

High performance and high quality Skinner Emergency Pipe Clamps are available at PISC (S) Pte Ltd. The emergency pipe clamp is being used all throughout the years as a universal repair clamp worldwide >>

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PISC (S) Pte Ltd

230V / 50 Hz – 15 m (3 x 1.5 mm2) Weight/Peso 5.2 kg >>

Complete with test leads with alligator clips, 4 auxiliary earth bars, hard carryingcase, and eight 1.5V AA batteries >>