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Process of Setting up a Clean room

10/1/2013 11:51:28 AM | by Anonymous

Clean Room Services

A clean room environment or a clean room which can be achieved through the use of clean room services is often used in laboratories for scientific research or in manufacturing industries. A clean room environment is one that has a very low level of environmental pollutants such as microbes, chemical vapors, and dust and aerosol particles. A more detailed way to describe a clean room environment would be an environment that has a controlled level of contaminants that is determined by the number of particles for a certain area. In the air at a normal urban environment, one cubic meter of air contains about 35 million particles. However, a clean room is to have only about 12 particles in one cubic meter.

Clean room process

The clean room services have to follow a process. Clean rooms may be very big at times. Some of the manufacturing industries use clean rooms for the whole facility which can cover areas of up thousands of square meters. Some examples of industries that use clean room would be life sciences, biotechnology and other industries that require a strict control of environmental contamination. These are the main things a clean room service company does when providing a clean room service:

Firstly the air that enters a clean room from the external atmosphere has to be filtered to trap dust, while the air inside of the clean room has to be re circulated through filters such as the ultra low penetration air filter and the efficiency particulate air filters to remove the unwanted contaminants.

To prevent people from contaminating the environment inside the clean room, they are required to enter through an air lock which may include an air shower to remove the unwanted particles. The people who are entering the clean room also have to be equipped with protective clothing such as coveralls, gloves, hoods, face masks and boots.

Even the equipment in the clean room has been designed to ensure the level of contamination is kept at the minimum. Items such as the furniture were also designed for easy cleaning and to produce as little particles as possible. Normal stationery items or fabrics such as pencils, paper that were made from natural fibers are not allowed in a clean room as there may be a chance of contamination. Thus, alternatives would have to be used instead.

There is a misconception that clean rooms are sterile but they are not, as they still contain uncontrolled microbes. A clean room environment usually only controls air borne particles. A particle counter is used when it comes to monitoring the particle levels and microorganisms.

In case of emergency, the clean room environment usually maintains the internal atmosphere of positive pressure. This means that if there were to have any leaks of a clean room, the external unfiltered air would not enter the clean room but the internal clean air would leak out instead.

Some of the clean rooms also use a HVAC system to monitor and control the humidity levels to keep it to the minimum. Other equipment such as ionizers is also used to counter and prevent problems such as electrostatic discharge.

Clean rooms which are of lower levels may only require the people entering to wear special shoes that do not track dirt or dust. However, these special shoes in exchange for not tracking dirt or dust they give up their traction making the soles very smooth and slippery. Thus, it is important for the wearer to be extremely cautious to prevent slipping hazards

For lower standard clean rooms, the entrance to a clean room may not have an air shower. However, there is a room also know as the gray room. In this room, the people who wish to enter have to ensure that they put on the necessary protective equipment before they can enter.

The clean room concept has led to some manufacturing facilities not using a fully classified clean room, but adopting the practices and procedures of a clean room to reduce the contamination level as much as possible.
It is also quite tedious to set up a clean room, furthermore if the clean room is not set up properly, time and money will be wasted. Thus, many companies employ the help of clean room services to assist them with their clean room needs.

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