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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in Computers and Other Devices

5/4/2012 8:25:33 AM | by Anonymous


Printed circuit board or PCB paved the way for gadgets to arrive in smaller sizes. It is the plastic or fiberglass board typically green in color found within the body of electronics. It is where electronic components like microchips, resistors, transistors, wirings and more are etched keeping the circuit free from cluttered wires.


The most prominent example of PCB is the motherboard of computers. One way or another, one has experienced looking inside the tower of desktop computers. If you do, you might have noticed the board inside attached to the metal case. It contains metallic lines or engraving which are actually the wires. They are connected allowing signals to be routed through out the boards. This large pc board contains circuitry connections for central processing unit, random access memory, input/output devices, USB connections and a graphics processing unit. Motherboards are normally manufactured with empty slots where additional circuitry can be mounted such as sound card and modem card. These devices are smaller boards that improve the ability of computers when inserted in the motherboard.


Besides the computer, there are other electronics where PCB is applied like hand phones, CD-Rom, DVD drives, televisions, laptops, gaming consoles and other more gadgets. PCB is widely used by manufacturers because of its durability and low cost production. The development on PCB is determined by its capability to grasp components. The more electronic parts it can hold, the lower the need for installing external parts on a device. This is why we can observe the changes in sizes of appliances. Televisions that used to be only available in CRT model are now being offered in flat screens. Same applies to computer monitors as well as the emergence of ultra thin laptops.


Almost all electronic devices are being run by PCB. We can expect later advancements will make use of this one important innovation in technology.

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