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Preserve the Beauty of Your Garden - Keep Away the Invading Harmful Pests!

9/12/2013 8:20:42 AM | by David Drasnin

Garden Pest Control Service

Most people enjoy spending their free time outdoors, especially in the cool refreshing comfort of their own garden. However taking a good care of the garden could be a rather exhausting and time-consuming task. We mow the grass of our lawn, we tend the garden, and we strive to keep that peace and serenity in perfect shape, so that it can present us with beautiful scenery and a relaxing hideaway from our worries. On certain occasions, though, we face the rather destructing impact of some rigorous turf- destroying pests that threaten to spoil the heavenly picture. Don’t let these annoying pests ruin your mood —read the article and learn some useful tips on how to get rid of such unwelcome intruders in the green way, without even having to use any dreadful chemicals!


There are three main types of pests that can actually ruin your garden: certain animal species, gastropods, and various harmful insects. Below you can read about some quite effective methods that would teach you how you can easily get rid of such invading pests for good.


Getting rid of animals that are destroying your beautiful garden:

Have you stumbled upon some unwanted guests in your garden that represent a threat to your nice set of flowers and produce? A stray deer, moles, or rabbits can be chased away easily by following the guidelines below:


· Put up a fence. This is the obvious answer to prevent your garden from getting overcrowded with unwelcome guests. Its construction could be a bit time consuming, but it’s a foolproof salvation tactic that you should definitely keep in mind. What is more – you could think of a fancy design that will further boost the exterior of your property, just look through some interesting ideas in the landscaping or design magazines and websites.


· If rising up a fence seems as too much work or you simply prefer a more natural approach that won’t spoil your garden overall design you could go for spreading bloodmeal in your yard. While this substance is really beneficial to the plants in your garden, a number of unwelcome critters like opossums, raccoons and even rabbits simply hate the smell it, and it will surely keep them away! Bloodmeal is really rich in nitrogen and it is considered to be a very good fertilizer. Thus it will in no case pose a threat to your healthy garden.


· On the other hand bloodmeal can be substituted by other strong scents as to deter certain curious animals from entering your property. Such options include scented soaps, perfumes, potpourri, and so on, you’ve got the picture. You can also use scents of predators. It is amazing what you can buy in the garden shops these days. You can buy scents of predators such as coyotes or foxes to scare away smaller animal pests that have found a save harbor in your garden.


Dealing with gastropods in a blink of an eye:

Have you noticed that currently your garden has been populated by a vast amount of gastropods: that is snails, slugs, and etc.? They are ruining your garden and lawn, and all your attempts to stop their negative impact have resulted to be utterly fruitless? These easy-to-follow tips will help you get rid of them rather quickly and in a green way:


· Sprinkle some coffee in your garden. Garden- destroying slugs and snails absolutely hate coffee. Sprinkling coffee grounds in your garden will keep these pests away for good.


· Buy some copper. Slugs, snails, and other pests cannot stand the smell of copper. Buy some copper sheets or copper mesh and wrap it around your plants. The bugs will stay far away.


· Trap the slugs. If you don’t like the idea of having coffee or copper in your garden, you can actually trap slugs with items that you already have in your house. One option is to take some orange or grapefruit peels and distribute them in your garden, leaving them to rest there overnight. The slugs will flock over them, and you can dispose of them in the morning. You could also fill a saucer with beer or fruit juice. The slugs will be attracted by the sweet smell and you can collect them easily and take them far away from your garden.


Handling insect invasions on the territory of your garden:

If you are looking for a simple, organic, and cheap way to deal with mosquitoes, caterpillars, aphids, and so on make sure to read the guidelines below:


· Make an organic insect repellant spray. There are dozens of recipes available online. The most common ingredients that you could use are simple as garlic, pepper, and essential oils. Plain soapy water will do miracles for your plants if you are fighting aphids attack. Just dampen a small cloth in soapy water and pass it over the leaves of the infested plants. No insect will venture into eating them from then on and you would not have to worry that such a solution will have any toxic impact on the treated plants.


· Use special plants as a natural pest control measure. For instance if you add some marigolds in your garden you could successfully protect your veggies from all kinds of insects – those creatures are far from being fond of those flowers’ scent.


· Use other animals to chase away the insects. You could get some ladybugs and put an end to any insect infestation just in a matter of a few days. Those little black-dotted supermen will reinstall the peace in your garden and will let you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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