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Practical Uses of GPS in Everyday Life

4/30/2012 10:29:51 AM | by Anonymous


Have you ever experienced being lost while on a road trip? If so, it is possible you have not heard of GPS device yet or have already heard of it but do not know its use. The Global Positioning System or GPS is a system of space-based satellite, computers and receivers that provide location information any time of the day, in all weather conditions, anywhere in the world. It determines the latitude and longitude of a receiver by measuring the time difference of a signal from the three of the satellites to reach the receiver. GPS are originally developed for militaries. The latter are able to locate their position whether they are on the dessert or forested areas with the use of gps. This capability has been found to be very useful even for civilians so a navigation device for consumers has been produced.


GPS are commonly used by the general public to find road directions. They can warn about traffic situations and can give alternative routes. These navigation devices are either handheld or the advanced ones are installed inside a car which are capable of telling the driver directions to a certain destination. This is truly important in emergency situations like when a medical service unit has to get to a casualty quickly and bring him to a hospital the soonest possible time. GPS are also useful in everyday life like getting to an interview, finding your way to a place you are not familiar with and pointing out interesting sites while on a road trip.


Keeping track of person and valuable belongings is another essential use of GPS. Install the tracking system in the hand phones of your family member to know their whereabouts when needed. Laptops can have GPS locator so they can be traced once misplaced or stolen. There are collars for pets with GPS locator which makes finding them just a button away.


These are only a few of the practical uses of GPS. It is expected that as technology continues to progress, new and more valuable applications will be discovered.

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