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Popular Computer Peripherals

9/24/2013 12:45:01 PM | by Anonymous

Computer Peripherals

A computer peripheral is an externally connected object that provides input and output for the computer. Input devices are basically computer systems that are capable of handling thousands of calculations within the split second. In order for a computer to have something to process, they must be able to receive instructions from the input device. Some common input devices would include the keyboard, mouse, pen tablet, touch screen, joysticks, scanner, camera, and microphone.

Once the computer has completed the processing of information, the information will then be sent to the output device. Common output devices would include the monitor, projector, TV screen, plotter, printer and speakers. There are also devices that function as both input and output devices such as external hard drives, digital camcorders, and media card readers, digital mixers and MIDI equipment. Any external device providing input to the computer and receives output from it is considered a peripheral.

The relatively popular computer peripherals are definitely the mouse and keyboard. It could take a while before these popular input devices start to go out of style. These days, there are many inventions of alternative keyboards, ranging from keyboards with hot keys to perform specific functions, keyboards with rearranged keys, curved ergonomic economics and more. There is even the “virtual keyboard” that is a light projection watched by infrared sensors. Many other kinds of mice can also be found such as the wireless mice, tiny travel mice with single buttons, large gaming mice with five buttons or move and the optical mice. 

Other popular computer peripherals besides the mouse and keyboard are the scanners, printers, speakers, external hard drives and the Bluetooth Receiver. Besides the Bluetooth Receiver, most of the peripherals have been around for as long as the affordable computer has been. The scanner is another juggernaut in the world of computer peripheral. They can be used to “scan” a paper image, text and convert it into a computer data file. The scanner works the opposite of a printer. Instead of transferring data to paper, the scanner transfers data from the paper to the computer. The printer allows you to take images or texts from the computer and print it on a sheet of paper. However, a drawback to colour printers are that they often require relatively expensive ink cartridges. While text can be printed for a low cost, images consume a large significant amount of ink.

Perhaps, the most popular computer peripheral for high usage users is the external hard drive. They help to store data securely on an independent drive without losing it. Many hard drives are armoured and can withstand the impact of falls and harder impacts. They also allow you to store and back up data chunks like video files or CAD files. Speakers have also worked their way in becoming a must-have computer peripheral for music aficionados. With the popularity of iPods and such, many people use their computers to play songs on their stereo in lieu of a CD player.

Lastly, the most popular computer peripheral to be mentioned would be the Bluetooth Receiver. They are small adaptors that plug into the USB port allowing the computer to communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices. This includes cell phone that has certain cameras and other electronics. Bluetooth is a wireless standard that enables the fast and precise transfer of data between mobile devices.

There are many types of computer peripherals in the market ranging from input devices to output devices. Choosing the right peripherals would consider looking into the needs of the user to choose the most appropriate device. Some devices become obsolete really fast whereas some others remain in trend for as long as they can get.


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