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Photocopying Service business guide

6/4/2015 9:21:57 AM | by Ronalyn Danao

Photocopying Service: Colour

In providing a Photocopy Services, a high quality and durable photocopier machine is a necessity.

Photocopier Machine is a device used to make paper copies of credentials, documents and many other visual images in a fast and cheapest way. It uses a technology called xerography.

Nowadays, photocopier adopt the digital technology for providing more clearer and colored copy of data documents and also constructed with integrated laser printer and scanner.

In starting a photocopy service business, create a plan on how to establish the business perfectly. Here are some tips on how to start photocopying services.

• Create business plan which includes the budget considering the first two years of the operation and the process and nature of the business.
• Make a survey of photocopying machine and then decide if you want to lease or buy a machine.
• Create a name or brand of the business including a logo and slogan.
• Location decision, make sure that the location of the photocopy business is good and less of competitors or a place that doesn’t have photocopying service at the most.
• Decide the services that you want to offer.
• Advertise your business, start on giving business card to various businesses around the area and also create flyers which are effective for giving out in residential areas.

In putting up a Photocopy Service business it is necessary to lease a photocopier and before buying, there are some factors that you need to consider, to know if it is effective and efficient machine.

Things to consider before buying a photocopy machine

• Copy Speed – this will consider the copy of pages print per minute, in order to have great costumer satisfaction, the service must be fast and reliable.
• Copy Volume – it is the pages prints per month, the volume of prints per month is considered to know how efficient the machine is.
• Network Capability – this signifies how effective the machine is for your clients and customers. Now, digital technology is popular which has advanced features of digital document production that provides an access for the customer to integrate the machine in a computer network.
• Paper Handling – this will consider the sizes or volume of the paper it can handle. It will consider the frequency on how many times you need to load your machine with paper because it will affect the speed of your service.
• Other function – Multifunction printer can save your cost and narrow down the options of your services.
• Energy Efficient – choosing an energy saving machine can lower down your utility bills and at the same time helps to reduce environmental damage.

In having a photocopy service, you must at least know some troubleshooting process in order to save repair and maintenance cost.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Problem Solution
No Power - check the power indication light if its getting power
- inspect the power cable if it is attached to the outlet
- if dealing for a serious malfunction or damage, seek a repair professional or a technician
Not Printing - check if the data and power cable are plugged in
- make sure that your data cable is connected to your printer and power switch
- for a serious damage, seek for technician’s help
Printer Error - check if there is a paper jam then removed it
- check if the amount of ink is still sufficient
Lines on the pages - Ensure the machine’s copy glass if it has scratches or markings
- Clean the glass regularly
Paper jam - Try to pull out the paper on its natural path.
- To prevent paper jams make sure that the feed rollers are always clean from residue.

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