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Misadventures in Faxing

1/2/2014 9:08:12 AM | by Hailey Harper

Fax Machines

Today’s business world revolves around current technology with items such as computers, copy machines and fax machines playing integral roles. Time can easily slip away during hectic schedules and you may not think that a faulty fax that has been put on the back burner really matters.

However, there is one very good instance that made national headlines which proves that not utilizing a fax machine in a timely manner, or trying to use one with mechanical problems, can cost millions of dollars in income as well as important jobs.


Broncos and Elvis Dumervil Negotiate

A late fax was the pivotal point surrounding last season’s NFL fiasco that cost defensive end Elvis Dumervil an $8 million continuation contract with the Denver Broncos. The situation came about because the Broncos had originally agreed to pay Dumervil $12 million for the 2013-2014 season, but he ended up missing all 2010 play due to a torn pectoral muscle which he received during practice on August 4, 2010.

The Broncos were looking to increase selection potential under their current salary cap so they told Dumervil that he must take a $4 million yearly cut in order to retain his contract with them at defensive end. Negotiations went to within 35 minutes of the deadline when Dumervil finally agreed to deal.


Delayed Fax Ends in Cuts

Once the new contract was signed, Dumervil’s agent, Marty Magid, was supposed to fax it to the Broncos who were waiting for the critical paperwork. However, Magid failed to fax the newly signed agreement to the Broncos on time. The deadline fell at 4:00 pm (EST) on March 15, but the fax wasn’t received until 4:06 pm which resulted in Dumervil’s being cut from the Broncos in order for the team to avoid paying him the full $12 million under the original agreement. This cut placed Dumervil in the League as a free agent.

The untimely fax submission by Dumervil’s agent not only cost the defensive end his lucrative continuation contract with the Broncos, but it also had dire effects for Magid. The day following the fax fiasco, Dumervil axed Magid as his agent.


Why Have Good Working Equipment?

The reason behind the delayed faxing of Dumervil’s contract by agent Magid wasn’t reported and Dumervil recovered by signing a $35 million 5-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens that guaranteed him first-year payment of $8.5 million. So, whether the late fax was due to agent negligence or due to a faulty fax machine, the world may never know.

What is known is that businesses rely on such timely communication through modern technology, such as fax machines, on a daily basis. Contracts and replies to a wide variety of business dealings throughout a vast range of industries depend on equipment working when you need it. Faulty office equipment can have just as dire financial consequences for big business deals the same as occurred with Elvis Dumervil. The only difference is your business fiascos don’t make front-page news.


The Importance of Fax Maintenance

As mentioned at the beginning, it can be quite easy to put off regular maintenance of office equipment such as fax machines due to busy schedules. However, when the time comes to fax that important business contract or other vital piece of business paperwork, the machine could malfunction and you, like Dumervil, could forfeit a big deal on which your company is depending.

It is, therefore, well worth the time and nominal fee spent to have your fax machine and other vital office equipment serviced on a regular basis. By doing so, you ensure that your documents are sent and received, thus avoiding an embarrassing and frustrating Dumervil experience that could cost both income and jobs.

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