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Materials to Use for Countertop Bar

4/13/2012 10:54:55 AM | by Anonymous

Countertop Bar

A bar can be one great addition to your home. It can be a place for entertainment and conversation for you and your friends. You can build a simple and functional bar or go beyond plain ideas and come up with a fabulous countertop bar.


The bar top is the main area that is noticed in every bar. You can be cheap with the cabinets or side counters, where drinks are prepared, but not with the countertop surface. Its look and feel would depend on the material you will install so make sure to determine which one possess the functionality and exterior you desire but still within the budget. The basic materials used as a cover for countertops are tiles, laminate, solid surface, wood and granite. All of them vary according to durability, appearance, cost and susceptibility to stain.


Among the materials mentioned, tiles and laminate are the cheapest. The advantage of laminate over tiles is it can be easily installed unlike tiles that require a skill in order to fasten. However, the former can be easily damaged by liquid spills, scratches and is prone to discoloration. But I also do not recommend tiles for your counter because even though it is durable, your expensive glassware might slip due to uneven surface.


We try to look for a material that could last a lifetime and I think it is safe to say that all bar top materials I listed here, except for laminate, will remain even after you leave this earth. But the big question is, will its appearance also last for a long time? This boils down to considering how it will look like years from now. Wood and granite are the most expensive to use as a surface. Although durable, both are vulnerable to stain which will alter its form. Solid surface is designed to be resistant to external factors but it can easily crack than the two recently mentioned materials if a heavy object is put on it.


Choosing a material to use for your countertop bar can be tricky. No matter what surface you select, you can lengthen its existence by constant maintenance and cleaning.

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