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Make Your Baby Free from Tummy Trouble

2/15/2013 11:24:14 AM | by Anonymous

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Babies suffer from constipation just like adults. Since babies have a low threshold for pain, they find it even more difficult to cope with it and cry incessantly out of pain due to constipation. Constipation causes severe intestinal pain called Colic in babies. Babies who are constipated for a long time may even start bleeding through the anus.


Since babies cannot vocalize what is bothering them, Moms and other caretakers must always be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs of constipation and other problems. Some Moms mistake their baby’s crying for hunger. But, never be under the wrong impression that your baby is always asking for food. Instead, they could be suffering from constipation.


It is found that breast-fed babies are less prone to developing constipation than bottle-fed babies. Breast milk is both nutritious and easy to digest by the babies. Formula milk that is filled within bottle-fed babies is heavy and difficult to digest.


Since women have many other professional responsibilities outside of home, they cannot always stay at home and breastfeed their babies. Such women have no option but to feed their babies with bottle milk.


Tips for Baby Constipation Relief:

  • Give your baby a warm bath. This improves blood circulation so that stools are passed in a more relaxed manner.


  • Introduce more of fiber-rich foods in your baby’s diet starting from 4-6 months. Always include more of liquid in your baby’s diet in the form of liquid foods like vegetable purees, smashed cereals, porridge, or fruits.


  • Massage your baby’s stomach lightly. This will improve bowel movements and ease off constipation.


  • Move your baby’s legs in circular motion to give them some exercise. This will improve bowel movements leading to clearing of stools.


  • See to it that your baby isn’t allergic to any particular food that is causing constipation.


  • Get your baby checked for hypothyroidism as it is known to cause constipation in babies.


  • Always feed your baby with fresh food. Never use old (food kept overnight) or stale food to feed your baby. The immune system of babies is weak, so they may develop allergies and digestive problems.


  • Keep instances of bottle-feeding to a minimum as your baby could be taking in excessive air while feeding through the bottle. This could be the cause of bloating and stomach pain.


  • If you want to wean your baby off the breast milk, try Aptamil. Aptamil products are an apt alternative to breast milk and are easily digestible by babies.


  • Lactating mothers must refrain from eating cruciferous vegetables or other gas producing substances as these reach their babies through breast milk causing bloating and colic in them.


  • If you are a Mom who is tired of trying different types of formula milk but have always been disappointed, try Aptamil Comfort. With this formula powder, you won’t be disheartened for sure. The contents of this formula powder are really favorable for infant tummies. It contains less than 50% lactose than that found in standard infant milks. The whey proteins contained in the milk are partially hydrolyzed, and hence, they are smaller and easily digestible. The consistency of this milk is much thicker making your baby take in less air and feel fuller. Aptamil Comfort is enriched with prebiotic oligosaccharides that aid in producing softer stools and ease constipation.


A baby is a new member in the life of a couple. Moms love their babies to the core, hence would not like them crying in pain. To all the young Moms out there, see to it that your baby’s tummy is free from trouble!


Author Bio: Evangeline Allison is dietician counsellor and writer. She has written many articles, blogs, and posts on the subject of natural healing and natural diet. Presently living in South Carolina with her husband and three children, Evangeline holds the firm belief that “nature works best” and holds conferences, discussion groups, and counsels on the subject of nutrients and diet.

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