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Let’s talk about fences

6/2/2015 3:43:31 PM | by Lizza Anne Tiong

Fence Contractors

Fence is a detached structure constructed to restrain and control the movement inside the boundary. Fences are typically recognized as walls from its lightness construction and purpose.

In dealing with a Fence Contractor, there are wide ranges of ideas that must be considered such as types of fences and its function and laws needed to follow.

There are different types of fences depending on its function and construction and it must be designed according to its purpose. Fences are made from various types of material which is suitable for its structure and purpose.

Types of Fence: By Function

Types of Fence Function
Agricultural Fencing Used for keeping livestock or animals inside the location.
Avoid the predator in damaging the welfare of the animals.
Privacy Fencing For security and privacy of homes
Temporary Fencing It is needed whenever a temporary access control is a necessity especially in building and construction site.
For providing security and safety
Perimeter Fence For preventing theft and trespassing in a vacated land or property
Decorative Fencing Enhancing the interior and appearance of the garden, property and other landscape site
Boundary Fence For setting boundaries on a piece of property
Balustrade / railing Preventing people from falling over edges, example of these are stairway, balcony, bridges and more

Types of Fence: Construction

Brushwood Fencing Made from wires and on the side is brushwood used for compaction of the materials together
Chain link Fencing Constructed from wires which is woven together
Close Board Fencing Well-built fence Structuralized from morticed posts, vertical feather edge boards and arris rails
Stockade Fence Fence that composed of contiguous space logs, stakes, posts, or pointed at the top half round board. Ideal used for privacy
Wrought iron fencing Constructed from tube steel most commonly known as ornamental iron

Putting up fences may result to bitter arguments among the neighbors because of the common disagreements like what fence is required, repair needed, and how much is the sharing of cost. Due to this complication in constructing fences, there is a legal law concerning about the erection, maintenance, replacement and repair of fences – the Fences Act 1975. This law provides a procedure for deciding fence dispute and acquiring contributions from people which are beneficiary of the fence.

Purpose of Fences Act 1975

• For the formation, replacement, maintenance and repair of fences.
• For the assurance that the person seeking for construction of fence will give the accurate and right opportunity for the neighbor to raise their opinion such as:
     - requirements for construction
     - nature of construction
     - cost of construction
     - give counter proposals

There are particular facilities or areas which are in needs of fences according by the law, for security and safety reasons.

• Areas that have open high voltage equipment like transformer station
• Rail way lines
• Fixed machine factor that has hazardous mobile parts
• Explosive factories
• Quarry stores
• Industrial plants
• Airports and airfield
• Military areas
• Construction sites
• Prisons
• Pasturing place that has male breeding animals like stallion and bulls
• Open areas which has an entry fee
• Domestic spa and swimming pools
• Amusement equipment that may cause danger for the passers by

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