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Learning about Beveling Machines

9/17/2013 10:33:08 AM | by Anonymous

Bevelling Machines

Beveling machine is meant for pipe weld preparation and orbital the welding on-site makes pipe beveling easy to be done. All the pipe beveling machines are available with electrical or pneumatic drive. Beveling machine is especially designed for prefabrication to work heavy duty pipes with high wall thickness on site a lot more convenient and it can utilizing a rotating cutter which creates a decorative beveled edge on nameplates, plaques and etc. These cutting machines are to provide the accurate weld join according to your bevel specifications while eliminating the flame cutting and grinding procedures. However, these machines should be used by a skilled operator and once it slide on the pipe and centered. It can be a very strong and sturdy machine with a full extremely quick cycle that it can cut between 2 to 4 mm walls per minute. And it is usually powered by a 9,2kW electrical drive with manual speed adjustment to fit all the different diameters and materials.


Each machine is equipped with the standard tool plates accepting multiple tool bits which allows up to for simultaneous machining operations. And such operations may include compound beveling, beveling or “J” prepping on heavy wall, counter boring and facing. Furthermore, all machines have many specific features and options to fit it better the multiple applications in their range of work such as:

    • Hydraulic motors
    • Electrical motors
    • Flange facing attachments ASB
    • Elbow beveling fits
    • Precision tool holders
    • ID or OD tracker tool holders
    • Filter, lubrificator FRL kits & regulator
    • Pneumatic motors

Types of Beveling Machines:

  1. Semi-mobile pipe beveling machine is a very flexible applicability. Pipes that show quality problems after the production can be refined by the mobile pipe beveling machine however during the working process the pipe is placed on the working place. A crane the semi-mobile beveling machine will be adjusted into the pipe and centrically clamped automatically. Using the jib-crane machine will able to chamfer both pipes ends successively without the need of turning the pipe.

  2. Stationary pipe beveling machine does the bevel of the welding seam preparation in a copying process or with integrated NC valve plate to the pipe ends. This machine is designed to process pipes with a wall thickness up to 100mm and an outer diameter of 10” to 120”.

  3. Edge milling machines of MFL are designed for welding seam preparation for all kinds of chamfers on longitudinal and spiral welded pipes. These machines are used for the edge preparation of stripes and plates such as large diameter pipes, wind power industry and are divided into a table and pull through edge milling machines. MFL carbide tipped cold circular sawing machines are divided into single cut and layer sawing machines that are used for the exact cutting of seamless pipe and steel billets.

  4. Welding seam processing machines are machines that remove the welding seam scarf of the longitudinal welded and spiral pipes. The welding seam scarf will be removed by a milling process at the inner and outer side simultaneously over a length of 400mm within a guaranteed quality range and the machine is designed for a pipe outer diameter of 10” to 200”.


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