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Learning about Bar Code Label Printers

9/17/2013 10:29:39 AM | by Anonymous

Bar Code Label Printers

A bar code label printer is designed to produce bar code labels which are attached to other objects. These printers’ uses either direct thermal or thermal transfer methods to apply ink on to the labels. Thermal transfer printer’s uses ink ribbons to apply barcodes directly on to the label. However, thermal transfer printers use heat to blacken the barcode on to the labels. Both are equally effective but barcodes printed via direct thermal printers are most probable to become unreadable. If exposed to elements such as direct heat, extensive amount of sunlight and chemicals. Therefore, they don’t have the longevity of barcodes made with thermal transfer.

Because of the longevity of the barcodes produced via thermal transfer printers, together with their overall printing quality and higher expenses of production materials. They tend to be cost more than direct thermal printers. Barcode printers can also be used for smaller businesses than to industrial uses. They are also the most commonly used method for shipping products.


In order to determine the label’s longevity, it is important to know at kind of label you’re looking at as well as the expected price spectrum and quality when comparing the printers. While ink jet printers or dot matrix printers can print barcodes, they are however not the best choices when it comes to barcode printing. The laser printers are the least compatible with barcode production due to their inability to produce small and single labels. They also have the tendency to heat the adhesive on the label resulting in a high rate of waste and high cost of ink. These are all various crucial factors to consider when deciding on which barcode label printer to purchase.

A bar is a symbol or machine readable presentation of data. It carries information about various objects or people to which it is being attached to. Barcode printing uses a variety of combinations which consists of bars and spaces to encode data. The barcodes are then printed on a label or a card. They can either be one dimensional or two dimensional. They can be read via special optical scanners, desktop printers, smart phones and barcode label printers.

Most types of printers should be able to print barcodes despite the importance to have clear print quality so that it can be read by different scanners. A specialized barcode label printer is designed for this purpose and may work more accurately than a conventional printer. The common choice of printer for printing barcodes is a thermal printer. It works quickly and quietly, thermal transfers printers can generate durable printed products which will not be unreadable with exposure to direct sunlight and chemicals. A thermal bar code printer can also print on labels, plastic tags, paper and other materials dependent on the design of the product.


A bar code creator is sometimes bundled with a printer. This allows people to generate and print their barcodes on the same spot. This device may also have an extension to allow the reading of barcodes as well. In some cases, the printer is a peripheral which is connected to a computer that has all the bar-coding software which are then used for formatting. It is essential to ensure that the software and printer are compatible. For example, if the barcodes are not sized accurately, they may not fit into the material which runs through the same barcode label printer.

Depending on the manufacturer’s type of niche, the company may need to choose a certain type of barcode format to satisfy various guidelines and standards. This way they will also need to tap on different types of bar code label printers. There are many different formats though and majority of it are equipped to work with these formats. However, most generators and printers may not include all formats as well. Each format type makes different barcode lines and if manufacturer chooses the wrong format, the barcode label will not be accurately read and may not be printed accurately as well.


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