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Role of Kitchen Equipment in the Success of F & B Industries

5/17/2012 10:38:40 AM | by Anonymous

Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is the heart of every food and beverages industry. It is where they prepare the food that will be served to their guests. The skill of the cook, the recipe and the kitchen equipment are the factors that need to be considered to ensure the restaurant’s success.


Finding a good cook and a great recipe is out of our control. If you found one, you should stick to him and make sure that the recipe would not leak out so your business have something unique to offer that will keep customers coming. I bet most F & B industries only consider these two factors as the only things they should keep in mind. Company owners tend to think that any kitchen equipment is sufficient enough in running a business. What they do not know is that not having the proper equipment can affect the performance of their staff.


Some of the equipment that should be found in commercial kitchens are gas range, oven, work table and exhaust vents. Cooking is primarily done on gas range and ovens. The space on each stove should be wide enough to contain big pots and pans. It is ideal if you have a lot of gas range as well so you can cook a lot of dishes at the same and will able to keep up with the orders. It can assure customer’s satisfaction and can result in generating more profit since the time that people will stay will lessen because they are able to receive their orders promptly.


Work table is where the cutting and mixing of ingredients are done. It is preferable to use a stainless steel work bench since the material is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. Installing exhaust fans both in commercial and home kitchen is increasingly becoming popular. Its purpose is to remove odor from aerosol released through smoke while cooking. The aerosol, when collected to walls and ceiling, will build up molds and mildews destroying the surface. These bacteria also bring harm to human health when inhaled. In order to ensure the health of the staff, safety of the food and the longevity of the kitchen, F & B industries should make sure to include exhaust fans on their list of kitchen equipment to install.

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