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Jeans for All Occasions

5/2/2012 6:20:01 PM | by Anonymous


We tend to end up wearing a pair of jeans and shirt every time we look for comfortable clothes to dress in. Jeans have been considered staple clothing that it became normal for each of us to own several pairs of it. Jeans can go with any type of top wear and magically can suit different occasions. You can wear them to the grocery, mall, at work and even in formal occasions.


The early jeans used to be indigo dyed trousers and are originally designed for cowboys. Since then, jeans have undergone a great transformation from being a popular casual outfit into an all occasion type of dress. They now come in various colors, fits and styles wherein the most common type is blue jeans. With the right type of jeans and a fabulous top, your attire would definitely be apt for any event.


As mentioned above, a very casual way to wear jeans is to pair it with a shirt. You just slip the shirt on no matter what type of trousers you are wearing. However, the same does not apply in formal occasions. You can not possibly wear boyfriend jeans just because it is your favorite pair. This time, you have to be more picky in choosing the design of your jeans. It should have darker shade to closely resemble black slacks which is the usual office trouser. Match it with long sleeves polo, black leather belt and shoes, and you will be perfectly dressed for the occasion. For girls who like dressing up for clubs, black jeans can turn glam with a pair of high heeled shoes and small black jacket.


Jeans are definitely a must in every person’s wardrobe. Look for the one that will perfectly fit your body type and take note where you bought it. Nowadays, finding the type of jeans that will flawlessly look good on you is not that easy.

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