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Importance of Tents When Camping

5/17/2012 10:38:54 AM | by Anonymous

Importance of Tents When Camping

Camping is an enjoyable outdoor activity. It is usually done on a place where no proper accommodation is available. It can be done in the mountain, uninhabited island or forested areas. This activity is not for those who are not willing to move out of their comfort zone since the participants will be away from their earthly life for some time. For people who are into camping, they do not simply go through it without preparations. They make sure they are equipped with proper equipment and one of the things they would not dare forget to bring with them is tents.


Tents are portable shelter, typically made from sheets of canvas, supported by a framework of poles. The fabric is stretched using ropes and cords, and attached to the pegs plugged into the ground. I am able to experience once to dwell on a tent. My friends and I went on island hopping and decided to stay on the last island we visited. The island is only occupied by a few natives and there is no house where we can settle for the night. Luckily, there is one who thought of bringing a tent. However, it can only occupy 3 people and there are 7 of us. Since there are 2 girls on the group and the other one is me, I am able to sleep on what is considered that night a luxury, the tent. Upon waking up, I found out that those who were outside for the rest of the night was not able to sleep comfortably because of the cold weather and due to the wind that kept blowing the beach sand to their face.


From this experience, I learned that it is a must to bring a tent when going to an isolated place. It should be big and comfortable enough to hold as much person as possible. Also, one has to make sure the material your tents are made from is suitable to the weather you might be up against like whether it is summer or winter.

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