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Importance of Temperature Controls in Food and Medical Industries

3/29/2012 7:36:11 AM | by Anonymous


Temperature refers to the hotness or coldness of matter. Knowing the body warmth can indicate if a person is healthy or not feeling well. Monitoring of temperature also applies to many companies such as the medical and food industries. They use temperature controls to measure or detect the heat of an enclosed space to maintain a desired temperature.


The functions of temperature controls to medical or pharmaceutical companies are to ensure the effectiveness and safety of drugs. Some medicines are temperature sensitive that is why laboratories have to monitor the temperature of their storage and testing drugs. Also, the quality of shipped pharmaceutical products is a concern. Precise temperature in vessels is needed when shipping medicines. However, the variations in climate zones among countries indicate that there are different standards in maintaining of drugs. Temperature controls have to be set according to the standard of the place where the medicine is.


Temperature control is essential in food industries as well. Food processes include cooking, storing, freezing and other more applications. These practices require setting proper hotness and coldness of goods as a way of maintaining their quality and safety. The monitoring of hot perishable goods differs from the cold ones. Goods that are purchased cold must be kept inside a freezer immediately. Do not put newly cooked food in the refrigerator right away. Let it cool first for less than two to four hours. For leftovers, they must be refrigerated at once to avoid growth of harmful bacteria.


Our health highly depends on the food and drugs we take. Eating contaminated food can cause illness which would require us to take medicines. However, the medicine we are going to consume might be ineffective if not stored properly and might even result for our condition to get worse. This scenario clearly explains that temperature controls are vital for human wellness and prevention of diseases.

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