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Importance of Robots in Industries

5/8/2012 8:10:50 AM | by Anonymous


If there is one technological advancement that would certainly make living easy and convenient, robot would be the answer. Robots are human like machines capable of doing tasks they are programmed to do. They have shown significance in decreasing human work load especially in industries.

Robots are mostly utilized in the manufacturing industry. The type of job that laborers encounter in this type of business is usually repetitive and monotonous. People who do the same thing for a long period of time tend to get bored and tired of what they are doing and might arrive in a position wherein he is unwillingly doing his job. The person who reached this point will not be as efficient and effective as when he first started working. Also, as human being, we get exhausted so the length of time that we can work is only limited. This is when the importance of robots is realized. They can be set to function for a long span of time producing the same quality product all through out the production process. This resulted to an increase in the number of manufactured products and decrease in the production of defective goods.

It is the industries that gained a lot of benefits out of robotics. The company productivity has risen which made businesses achieve more profits. Also, company loss has been reduced because flawed products are trimmed down to almost none. On the contrary, the emergence of industrial robots brought disadvantages on laborers. Since the former are truly effective machines, industries prefer utilizing them rather than employing humans. As a result, unemployment rate goes high. Many underprivileged people become poorer while company owners which are only a few get richer.

The brain of robots where they receive set of instructions that make them perform tasks automatically is called artificial intelligence or AI. There have been stories showing that these machines have become intelligent enough to think and act independently and overthrow humanity. At present, this is nowhere near to happen since robots nowadays are not capable enough to do tasks without being controlled.

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