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Importance of Orthodontics

5/4/2012 8:25:14 AM | by Anonymous


It is said that a simple smile can make a difference. The act of smiling can instantly lighten the facial features of a person. It can improve a person’s mood. It increases the happiness not only of the person smiling but also the people surrounding him. Some are not confident to smile often because of dental deformities. In order to take advantage of the benefits of smiling, there is a dental specialty called orthodontics that can correct irregularities on the teeth.


Orthodontist is a professional that completed 2 to 3 years advanced studies in orthodontics besides the 4 years general dentistry and have passed certification in both educational stages. They assess the condition of the teeth and give pieces of advice on what is the best thing to do. If they have seen a problem on the tooth alignment, they usually advise the patient to wear appliances such as brackets and invisalign. Among the two, brackets are mostly prescribed by dentists because the latter has been offered in orthodontics just recently and not all orthodontists are capable of fabricating one. Another factor that made patients choose braces over invisalign is because the former is way cheaper compared to the latter.


Braces are stainless steel that is attached to the teeth. In order to move the teeth and make sure they are aligned, orthodontists may require the patient to undergo tooth extraction so the metal can tightly grip on the tooth and create spaces to the teeth to be aligned. Wearing this appliance normally takes 18 to 24 months then the patient are required to use a smaller metal or retainers for at least a year to ensure the teeth are fixed in their new position and would not move to their original one.


Orthodontics is concerned with our well being. Treat yourself an orthodontic treatment then flash every one a smile. You will eventually have a brighter outlook in life and people will see you differently but in a positive way.

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