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Importance of Ladders

5/2/2012 6:20:18 PM | by Anonymous


Ladder is a structure for climbing up and down and enables you to reach high places. It used to be widely utilized within the workplace and at home. This piece of equipment has diminished its value on industries because there are more durable and stable tools now that can take the place of ladders.


In instances wherein heavy and large material is needed to be carried, the use of forklifts is more convenient and practical since they can hold a number of loads at the same time. The person required to perform this job does not need to actually carry the heavy object and climb a ladder which can be dangerous for the worker. Building construction usually lasts for a long time. The workers need a semi permanent structure like scaffolding so they can have an access on all parts of the building being constructed.


Even though there are a lot of tools invented today that are more preferred by companies, the movable and easy to mount feature of ladders are still taken advantage in several applications. Marine ladders are only attached to boats when people have to go up or down of the vessel. It provides an easy on and off access when activities like swimming, diving and snorkeling have to be done in the middle of the sea. This type is commonly seen on small and medium sized craft wherein a foldable ladder is better to use so it can be easily put away to maximize inboard space.


Ladders also have an important role on emergency situations. Firefighters always bring ladders with them so they can quickly respond to people trapped on high parts of the building. Windows far above the ground are used by firefighters to enter a place so they do not have to go through the front door and start climbing from the stairs all the way up to the emergency scene.


Ladders still have a big role in domestic use. It is cheap and a great tool in home maintenance tasks such as ceiling and roof repairs.

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