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Importance of Labels

5/2/2012 6:20:15 PM | by Anonymous


Label is an identity of a product. It helps business promote their product and catch people’s attention. It is beneficial to consumers as well to let them distinguish goods from one another.


Product labels are made from various material and come from different forms. They are the stickers attached in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the content printed in plastic containers of bakery products and the cloth tied up on dresses which indicates the brand name. In order for labels to be attractive, the product owner should take some time formulating the looks of this attachment. The design would entirely depend on what merchandise you are promoting. If you are selling toys, it is understandable to make the label painted with vibrant colors to draw kid’s attention. For FMCG, it is a legal requirement to enumerate the ingredients used in producing the product. It allows the consumers to read the label and let them know which one suits their needs. Reading labels has advantages for picky consumers. They will be able to select the product according to the amount of serving they need. Goods containing ingredients that may cause allergic reaction to the consumer will be avoided and those who prefer a healthy lifestyle can point out the total calories a food contains. Food labels also show the date of manufacture and best before date that serves as a mark if the food is still safe to intake.


Another detail that can be found on labels is the company logo which can assist the buyers to easily spot the product even before reading the brand name. Creating a logo can be more meticulous compared to simply printing down the company name and a bunch of words. However, it is a good way for creating a strong impression and establishing brands in the market place. Labels can be sophisticated, simple and colorful but make sure they are creative and unique to make a product distinct from the rest of its kind.

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