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Importance of Handphones

4/30/2012 10:30:04 AM | by Anonymous


Besides our wallet, we make sure that we bring our handphones with us every time we leave the house. Some people even feel uncomfortable knowing that he forgot to carry this device. When handphone is first introduced, its primary purpose is to allow the user to send and receive short text messages and to make and receive calls. It was accepted right away because of the importance of wireless communication in cases of emergency. However, telephone was still the widespread means of communication since portable phones were expensive so they are only used when extremely needed. As time progresses, more and more people are seeing the benefits of owning a cell phone. The demand for this gadget arose resulting to the success of telecommunications industry.


Handphones have become very popular that a lot of businesses started producing their own design and brand. The sudden appearances of mobile companies lead to competition which is beneficial to the consumers. In order to attract buyers, new features and capabilities are added to what used to be a plain portable telephone and its price went down rapidly. It can now function as an mp3/mp4 player, digital camera, gaming device, virtual calculator and video recorder. The more advanced mobile phones have wifi and 3G capability that allow the device to be connected on the internet. This made handphones highly regarded. Internet is important on business and recreation. Email messages can now be sent whenever and wherever a person is. People of all demographics, especially the youth, would not miss a day checking their accounts on social networking sites. These sites are used as a tool to share what’s been happening on their life, to get in touch with their friends and to know the latest buzz about their favorite celebrity.


Nowadays, people tend to spend most of their time at work rather than with their family. Handphones permit us to still have a connection with the people we care no matter how busy life can be.

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