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Importance of Fertlizers

4/19/2012 2:16:39 PM | by Anonymous


The increasing number in population means higher demand for food. Threats in agricultural production such as pests, loss of soil fertility and lack of nutrients may result in low percentage of plants to harvest. If these problems are not addressed, there would not be enough crops which compose a big fraction of our food supply to sustain the needs of the people. Hence, the importance of using fertilizers rises.


Fertilizers are substances containing chemical elements such as manure or mixture of nitrates that improves the growth of plants. They give nutrition to the crops. When added to soil or water, plants can develop tolerance against pests like weeds, insects and diseases. This means that the need for herbicides and insecticides are reduced producing healthier crops. Diseases can also be eliminated which gives aesthetic value to the harvest.


Apart from pests, one big problem of agriculture is the soil condition. Drought and lack of water are some of the issues in crop production. Dry farms tend to create very low and uncertain yields. Changes in weather like uneven distribution of rainfall or long breaks of rainy season result to either excessive amount of rainfall or deficiency in water when it is highly needed. Fertilizers help plants to overcome these situations by increasing their capacity to hold more water and improve the rooting depth. The potassium found in fertilizers is meant to make the stalks and straws of plants stronger.


Fertilizers do not only assist in increasing yields and promoting healthy growth of plants but also in their development. They contain nitrogen which acts as a growth booster which can be characterized by the green color of plants. Phosphorus substance in fertilizers aids in the faster formation of seeds and root development.


The importance of fertilizers stretches in every corner of our planet. Lack of supply for food would be evident without them.

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