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Importance of Clinic and its kinds

5/28/2015 9:10:52 AM | by Anonymous

24-Hour Clinics

Clinic is a facility which provides a range of general medical outpatient treatment which is primarily committed in caring outpatient people. It is publicly or privately operated and typically accommodates the primary health care necessities of the population to the local communities.

Clinics are frequently associated with general medical practitioners or medical facilities operated by clinical physiologist and specialist.

Before going to a health clinic, patient must make sure to gather certain information on what type of clinic is needed. There are various types of clinic which are commonly located at rural areas.

Types of clinic

• Free Clinic – it is a volunteer based clinic which provides medical, dental and many other types of health service for the public. Free clinic are also tax exempted organization which provide health services that do not consider any form of monetary payments. Mostly, free clinic provides primary and simple care but not for severe and developing conditions.
• General Outpatient Clinic – this type of clinic is a general practice facility that is run by a specialist. It is generally located in communities and rural areas. General Outpatient Clinic specializes in general treatment and diagnosis and it provides acute, primary and ongoing care for outpatients.
• Convenient Care Clinic - Convenient Care Clinic or sometimes called retail based clinic are located in supermarket, pharmacies, and other convenient or merchandizing outlets. Typically it is facilitated by nurse practitioner that offers narrow range of treatment. Some of the treatments provided are for infection, common colds, cough, vaccination and physical exam.
• Specialist Clinic – this clinic provides specific treatment for the outpatients. Specialist Clinic mainly focus on the body parts of the patient affected and deals on both treatment and diagnosis of diseases which are in need of special attention and awareness.

In order to have safe and healthy living lifestyle, people must know how often one would go to a clinic for check up, here are some guidelines.

Health examination Frequency/ how often Purpose
Dental Check up Every 6months For cleaning and preventive measures
Full Physical Check up Once a year For physical self awareness, check up includes weight and height check, blood pressure screening, blood test and many more
Eye examination Once every two years For prevention of eye diseases and many more

Even though there are many factors that affect the health status of the people, it is a must to learn on how to take care of ones health, and a regular visit to clinic is recommended.

Clinic personnel in charge must perform several tasks to provide and outstanding clinical attention which is needed by the patient.

Duties and responsibility of clinic

• Provides general care to the patient
• Monitors the condition of the patient
• Examine and talk to the patient regarding patient’s health status
• Measures the weigh, height, and vital signs of the patients.

Always remember that health is wealth. People should practice the proper health care in order to live a healthy lifestyle and also must exercise the necessity of going through a physical check up at least once a year to prevent and monitor the health status.

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