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Importance of Bookstores

3/15/2012 5:44:29 PM | by Anonymous


Almost everything now can be bought in the internet; clothes, shoes, grocery items and even books. Most of us still prefer to buy apparels in clothes store so we can see if they will actually fit on us unlike buying books online wherein we can get an exact copy of what you are yearning to read. This resulted to closure of a lot of bookstores.


Bookshops used to be a very important place to visit. It is the only place where we can find vast collection of books. It is where we can get to buy books required by learning institutions. We can also visit to see a compilation of the books written by our favorite author or simply check any item on display and see which will grab our interest. Today, we can buy not only hard copies but also soft copies called e-books on World Wide Web. We can read e-books on the computer as PDF file. There are applications invented for mobile phones and tablets that enable us to read writings on them too. The problem with purchasing books online is that beforehand, we already know the particular title or author of the book we are looking for. We seldom browse and if we do, only those that have an existing book review will get our attention. It will be most unlikely for us to stumble on volumes that are worth reading but are low in popularity.


Visiting bookstores has advantages compared to sitting down in front of our computers. For book enthusiasts who do not know yet what they want, bookstore staffs can give advice and recommendations based on the customer’s preferences. They can also be a place for meet ups. Bookshops have couches, nice lounge chairs and some are associated to coffee shops. There are also bookstores around the world that their grandeur and beauty make for a lovely reading experience.


The era of World Wide Web has decreased the role of bookstores in our society. However, nothing can ever replace the touch and feel of a real bookshop.

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