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Importance of Batteries

6/11/2014 9:51:23 AM | by Anonymous


Batteries are part of our everyday life. A day would not last without using our hand phones. Every time we go out, we either drive our car or take a public vehicle. We use a remote control to switch channels while watching television. We unconsciously bump with batteries in everyday events.

Battery is a device used to generate electrical energy. It powers hand phones, remote control, flash lights, hearing aids and helps cars to start easily. There are even automobiles invented today that operates by electrical energy stored in batteries. These all-electric vehicles derive all its power from battery packs and do not use gasoline.

Portability is what makes batteries so important. Can you imagine using your hand phones, cameras, remote control, flash lights, wristwatches and cars plugged in to electrical outlets? It would be so difficult and troublesome. The convenience brought by batteries led to the invention of more gadgets, appliances and equipment that make use of them. Now, there are battery operated lawn mowers, wireless mouse, fans, lamps, and television that used to be only available with cords.

Battery life does not usually last long because of frequent usage of devices that require them. This turned out to be more costly compared to using the power source at home. Also, batteries contain hazardous substances, corrosive materials and heavy metals that can impair human health and the environment if not disposed properly. These concerns paved the way to the rechargeable replacements of single used batteries. Rechargeable batteries can last for months or years depending on how they are used. It means you can save money and protect the environment as well.

We can fully appreciate the use of batteries when electricity goes out. They allow us to operate our laptop, hand phones, mp3 players and alarm clocks wherever we are, no matter what the situation is. You just have to remember to keep your batteries charged at all times.

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