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Importance of Accountants

3/5/2012 12:54:07 PM | by Anonymous


You are about to graduate in high school and no matter how much you like to slow down the time, college is nearly approaching. There are a lot of options in choosing what course to take. They can be Engineering, Accountancy or Medicine. Information Technology practitioners seems to be the most sought out profession these days. They are so in demand that we forget another profession that is a vital part in managing a business: the Accountants.

For most of us who have not taken Accountancy in college think that it is a dreadfully boring subject and those who graduated from it would have a little chance of getting a great career. But I can say we got it all wrong. Accounting is the process of handling the financial activities of a company or an individual. It can be considered as the universal language and figure of every business. Accounting is primarily concerned with methods for recording transactions, performing internal audits, keeping financial records, analyzing financial information and advising on taxation matters. Accountants are the people responsible in these financial activities.

Accountants may be certified or non-certified. They can also be an employee of the company or an outside firm. One can be considered a Certified Public Accountant if some qualifications like a certain education or experience is met and has passed the CPA examination. Not all business has its own accountant so if you are planning to hire one, determine first what services you need as based to what I mentioned earlier. Afterwards, know the proficiency of the accountant as they come in many specialties. It is great to know that there are accounting firms composed of skillful accountants who are ready to render their service.

Accountants play a major role in ensuring that every business is running smoothly. Without them, company profits and loss will not be tracked and before you know it, your business is on the brink of bankruptcy.

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