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How to Use Freezers Efficiently

4/30/2012 9:42:06 AM | by Anonymous


A home kitchen would not be complete without a freezer. It can be with a refrigerator or stand alone. It is where perishable goods that would not be cooked and consumed right away are preserved and stored. It is an essential appliance but usually takes up a high portion of our electric bill. In order to make the most out of freezers, we should know how to use them efficiently.


Filling your freezers is one way of being energy efficient. Every time they are opened, the cool air goes out and the empty space will be replaced with warm air. They have to function more to revive its previous condition. Fill them water if you have nothing to put inside. If they are stacked with items, their coldness will help in keeping the temperature and cooling the air that sneaked in.


Make sure that left over foods are cool before placing them inside the freezer. The principle is the same as the formerly mentioned advice. The unit will have to work harder in order to reach the desired temperature level. In this case, you do not only let hot air sneak in but also supplied the interior directly with it.


If you own a manual defrost unit, make it a habit to clean and defrost it regularly. Ice buildup decreases the efficiency of the freezer.


The exterior of every appliance should also be taken care of especially freezers. Always check if the door is tightly shut after use to prevent warm air from going in. Remove the dust from the coils and the compressor area. Do not place them where they can be hit with direct sunlight and leave gaps between the freezer and the wall and other appliance surrounding it.


If following the tips above does not show a decrease on your energy consumption, the problem can be the unit itself. Old freezers use more power compared to the newer models. Spending for a new freezer has long term benefits than retaining a 20 year old one.

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