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How to Keep Eggs Fresh During Camping

10/14/2015 5:57:27 PM | by Sambag Gawayan


Keeping perishable foods temperature cold while camping is absolutely a struggle. Foods such as Milk, eggs, meat and other fresh foods will spoil quickly if it’s not kept in cold temperature, and consuming them can make you sick. If you want to bring fresh foods like eggs with you on your camping trip to fry up for lunch or breakfast, take the right safety measures to make sure that your eggs stay fresh.


Things to do to keep it fresh:


1. Create ice packs to keep your eggs cool. To make your own do it yourself fridge, fill plastic empty soda bottles, half-gallon size jugs with around 2/3 of water and freeze them.


2. Fill an ice chest with ice packs and the eggs in it. Ensure that the ice packs are evenly distributed in the cooler for proper distribution of temperature.


3. Wrap your ice chest in a blanket or towel to create an extra insulation.


4. Make sure to keep the ice box in the box seat of the vehicle, on the way to the camping area so it will stay cool inside the car.


5. Also make sure to keep it in a shaded area in the camp site not to a place where direct sunlight can reach it.


6. Always check the ice packs if it is still okay or it needs to be refilled. If your camp site is a place where you can get extra ice pack or really an empty area, you may consider using dry ice to keep your fresh eggs cooled.


7. Before preparing or cooking your eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner make sure to check them first.

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