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How to improve your WiFi Signal

2/15/2013 11:24:41 AM | by Anonymous


If you have an internet enable home, then it’s most likely that you’re using a wireless network (WiFi). WiFi networks are great, they allow us to be connected to the internet anywhere in the house, or do they? A common problem with WiFi networks is that the signal produced from the router doesn’t always make it to the endpoint such as your laptop or mobile. Most of the time you can do a few things to correct this without needing to spend any money. Below are a few short tips of how to improve your wifi signal.


Find the sweet spot

Most of the time, you’ll notice that just positioning your wireless router a bit better will improve your signal strength. Wireless networks can produce signals up to 300 metres, but this can be lowered significantly if it has to travel through walls, furniture and other objects. If you have your router behind a TV cabinet or on the floor, then that’s most likely the reason why your wireless signal strength is poor.


The best place to have your router is in a central location. For example, if you have a room in the middle of the house downstairs, then place it in there as it allows the signal to be evenly distributed around the house. Make sure that it’s not on the floor either; if you have a shelf then that’s a good start. Make sure that you avoid having it next to any other electrical equipment, especially equipment with a radio transmission such as a walky talky or a baby monitor as this can cause interference thus reducing your wireless signal strength.


Get your hands dirty

If positioning your router elsewhere didn’t work, then it’s time to get technical. There a few steps you can do with your routers settings which may help improve your signal strength. Firstly, let me briefly explain how a WiFi signal works. A router can transmit a signal on many different channels, sort of like a radio station. Standard routers have 11 channels, and the default selection is usually 7 or 11, but unfortunately there may be something in your house transmitting on the same channel or maybe there’s another WiFi network close by using the same channel. So, what you want to do is change the wireless channel. The method isn’t the same for all manufacturers, so it’s best to do a quick Google search with your routers make and model.


When you find out how to change the WiFi signal, then have a play around with all the channels and see which one improves your WiFi signal strength. Be aware that every time you change your channel, you need to reconnect your wireless devices back up to your network. If you find that changing your channel didn’t work, then it might be time that you spent some money on the solution listed below.


Buy a WiFi Signal Booster

If you’re not having any luck with your router after you’ve moved it to a better location and played around with your settings, then you may find that your problem lies with the router itself. A decent wireless router can cost quite a large chunk of money, but don’t worry as there are much cheaper options. A WiFi signal booster does exactly what it says on the tin, it picks up your routers signal and boosts it, allowing you to be able to connect up to your wireless network in places that you couldn’t before.


A WiFi signal booster works simple, it requires you to set it up with your router so it knows what signal to transmit. You then place the booster halfway between your router and where you want to connect. Now all you need to do is wireless connect to the WiFi signal booster and that will connect you to your router, and there’s no loss in speed either as the booster can transmit up to 300MBps.


There’s also a hidden bonus in the WiFI signal booster too, as you can connect up to it with an Ethernet port. This means that you can plug it into a non-wireless device via Ethernet and that will connect you up to the router.


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