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How to find the best Electrical Contractors?

10/8/2013 4:25:54 PM | by Anonymous

Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors are individuals who are trained specifically to install electrical wiring and fixtures in businesses and homes. Being involved in the reconstruction of a building or a remodeling project, it is very likely that a skilled electrical contractor will be needed to complete the project. While many embark on a do-it-yourself journey and complete large percentage of their home remodeling projects themselves, electrical work is still a skill that would require professionals with trained expertise to perform the job.

An electrical contractor is fairly different from an electrician. An electrician is an individual trade’s man and an electrical contractor is a business person or company that employs electricians. Both hold licenses and insurances to ensure the performance of proper and safe business operation. This helps to protect employees and home owners from insurance liabilities. These requirements however vary from state to state. Electricians can decide to work for an electrical contractor or directly for individuals or organizations.

Electrical contractors can have wide variations of skills and reliability. Given the important nature of safety when it comes to electrical appliances, the key point is to choose an electrical contractor who is competent. When it comes to the time of choosing an electrical contractor, there are several things to note to ensure the best contractor appointed for the project.

The first step in looking for a qualified electrical contractor for any building or remodeling project is to first ask around for recommendations. Think of any friends or relatives who recently had remodeling work completed on their homes or a building project; ask who they hired as an electrical contractor and find out if the contractor has delivered a satisfactory job. Most people would be more than willing to share their experiences irregardless of whether it turned out good or bad.

For the case where no one has had a recent electrical work completed, the alternative is to choose someone from the internet or from directories circulated around the district. It may not be the most ideal way of choosing but bearing in mind this is only the first step. Choosing via the internet or directories would require more work to be done. First, write down three to five names and contact numbers of electrical contractors in your vicinity.

Once you have a short listed the list of electrical contractors, it is now time to conduct a personal interview. Whether you got the contractor’s contact from the internet or a recommendation from a friend, it is still important to conduct your own research. Own research would mean to read up internet reviews others have left for the particular contractor. A good contractor will be willing to conduct a meeting to discuss the project without any obligation or commitment to work with them or to sign any contract. If they feel that the meeting is pointless to be scheduled, it shows that there is an obligation to work with them after the meeting has been conducted. This means to move on to the next contractor on the list.

It is important to ask questions regarding the electrical contractor’s timeline for the project. It would be fairly important to find out if they have had experience with the proposed type of project and if they had completed similar jobs in the past. Also, find out how they would like to be paid. It is normal for contractors to expect some down payment from the start and progressively to pay in increments as part of the job gets completed. It is never advised to pay for the entire job up front unless it is a small project that can be completed in a few days.


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