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How to choose the Best Electronic Connectors?

10/8/2013 4:27:06 PM | by Anonymous

Electronic Connectors

Choosing the best electronic connectors requires one to consider the types of devices or cables they are trying to connect and be assured to obtain the highest quality connectors possible. Different types of devices would require different types of connectors. It is always safer to be sure of what type of cable and connector is needed. Also, the special types of connections and cables such as converters that can be used to connect male ends or switch devices for multiple connections should also be considered as a factor for choosing the best connectors. Once the type of electronic connector has been decided on, the next step is looking for the best materials to ensure a strong connection as well as high signal rates.


Electronic connectors are cables and other objects that are used to connect multiple electronic devices to one another. A wide range of different cables and connectors are also made available for various devices designed to use the connectors. One of the first things to determine should be the type of connector needed for the particular device. This information is usually provided with the devices and should be indicated on the device itself or in the instruction manual or use guide.


Some other considerations also include the situation in which the specific type of specialized electronic connectors is needed for their specific purposes. The connection of two cables or objects with the same type of input are needed to utilize a converter or adapter. For example, the connection of two “male” or “female” ends of the cable together. They are special types of electronic connectors that allow connections to be made that are otherwise known as impossible. The utilization of various devices also acts as more elaborate types of connectors. This includes switch boxes that allow multiple devices to be connected together and has the ability to switch input and output between them.


After the determination of the type of electronic connectors needed for their purposes, the next is to look for the highest quality connectors available in the market. The best ones are not necessarily needed all the time but choosing connectors made of better materials and quality can improve signal strength and data transfer rates. Most cables that utilize metallic wires have the ability to transmit a signal provides greater conductivity for a clearer signal. Some examples are wires made of gold. These electronic connectors are usually more expensive than normal. However, they provide a marked improvement in performance for powerful or sensitive devices.


The commonly used types of electronic connectors are the 8P8C connector, D-subminiature connector, USB connector, power connector and DC connector. The 8P8C connector is the short form for “8 Position 8 Conductors” and so an 8P8C modular connector has eight positions that contain conductors. The connector is extremely well known for their use in Ethernet and used on CAT5 cables.


The D-Subminiature connector is commonly used for the RS-232 serial port on modems and IBM compatible computers. The connector is used in many different applications, for telecommunications, computers and test and measurement instruments. The USB connector also known as Universal Serial Bus is a serial bus standard to interface devices. It is currently the most popular connect used among all computers and many other devices. There are various types of USB connectors and some have been added as the specification has progressed. Last but not least is the DC connector; a DC connector is an electrical connector for supplying direct current power. For portable consumer electronic devices, the coaxial connector is frequently used. At the same time, many other types of connectors also still exist.

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