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How to Choose Flowmeters

6/5/2012 7:25:40 AM | by Anonymous


Flowmeters are instruments used to measure, record and monitor linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas in a tube or pipe. They can be found either inside of the pipe structure or outside to simply watch the circulation of the flow. There are different types of flowmeters and not all are suitable to be placed inside the pipe or capable of measuring the flow rate from outside. The factors behind choosing the proper flowmeter for your industry would depend on where and how it will be applied.


The first thing that one needs to do is to evaluate the requirements of a particular application. This must be done thoroughly as the success of your project will highly rely on the flowmeter you are going to purchase. Here are some of the questions one should ask himself in order to determine which flowmeter to select:


  • What is the fluid to be measured?
  • Would you require measurement of rate and/or totalization from the flow meter?
  • What is the viscosity of the substance?
  • Is the fluid clean?
  • How do you want to view the measurement result? Local display on the flow meter, electronic signal output, etc?
  • What is the minimum and maximum flow rate for the flow meter, process pressure and process temperature that you require?
  • Is the liquid or gas chemically compatible to the parts of flowmeter when got wet?
  • What should be the size of the pipe if it is a process application?

Some of the factors enumerated suit flowmeters that are put inside the pipe or tube. Nowadays, there are portable flowmeters developed which features flexibility. This type of flowmeter allows various areas inside the pipe to be calculated. It also permits multiple locations to be calculated using one device. The advancement that made this possible is called phone transportation time.


After determining what type of flowmeter you should use, the next thing that needs to be considered is the installation cost. Some commits mistake in considering this factor first to cut out their expenses. However, choosing inappropriate flowmeters can be more costly in the long run as they would not fit the applications they will be installed for and the possible things that can happen are having inaccurate results or the device might require to be replaced sooner because of incompatibility.

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