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How To Become a Good Computer Consultant?

9/30/2013 3:32:33 PM | by Anonymous

Computer Consultants

The computer has been one of the greatest inventions in modern times. This had led to an emergence in many industries relating to technology. However, not many people or organizations may be aware or familiar with the intricate processes involved in information technology. This is where computer consultants come in useful. Computer consultants are people who are able to provide expert knowledge on information technology techniques to meet the client’s business objectives. Computer consultants may also administer, implement, estimate, deploy and manage information technology systems on the client’s behalf, a method commonly known as outsourcing.

Skills required to become a good computer consultant

It is not easy being a computer consultant as it requires many skills, qualifications and experience to be an excellent one. Most computer consultants are taught four basic principles when it comes to information technology consulting.
The four principles are: focusing on the relationship with the client. This means that the computer consultant has to fully understand the client’s personality, the organization of the client, other important stakeholders and most importantly the expectation of the client. This will ensure that the computer consultant is clear on the objectives of the client, so that any misunderstandings and complications will be reduced.

The next principle would be to define clearly the roles and responsibilities of not only the consultant’s team but also for the stakeholders and the client. This minimizes any confusion so that the client’s organization can work smoothly and efficiently with the consulting team to meet the expectations of the client.

The third principle would be to help the client visualize success that they will be able to achieve. By doing so, it convinces the client why they should hire the consulting team. Furthermore, it will motivate the client’s organization into complying with the professional advice that was given.

The final principle would be to let the client decide. After giving the valuable advice to the client, the consultant’s job is done, unless the client would like the consultant to handle other tasks related to information technology. If not, the choice is up to the client as they are the ones who paid the free for the consultant’s advice and they are not obligated to comply with the given advice.

In order to effectively follow the four basic principles of computer consulting, it is extremely important that the computer consultants possess a set of skills.

Advisory skills

This would be one of the most obvious and important skills a computer consultant should have. Having good advisory skills would mean that the consultant is able to provide professional advice that is useful for the client’s organization to meet its business needs. A computer consultant with good advisory skills also has an excellent understanding of the advisory process, he or she must be able to select the appropriate advisory strategy to meet the wide range of expectation that the clients may have.

Technical skills

A computer consultant who possesses good technical skills is on who has sufficient and relevant knowledge about information technology, in order to provide the correct and useful advice to meet the client’s needs. This is where the experience and qualifications of a computer consultant is important as it will most likely define the consultant’s knowledge level of information technology. For example, a computer consultant with a degree in computer science and 10 years of experience will definitely attract more clients than compared to a computer consultant who does not possess a degree with only 5 years of experience. Thus, it is important for a computer consultant to be properly educated on the industry and having experience will definitely aid with the advisory process.

Business skills

A good computer consultant should also possess good business skills. This means that the consultant should be able to effectively visualize the situation and provide the appropriate service. Having good business skills also means that the consultant should be able to adapt quickly to the current business environment, which requires constant studying of the current trends to stay relevant. Good business skills also mean the consultant has to be able to network so that the consulting team is able to find clients.

Overall, it is not easy being a computer consultant, but if anybody possesses all the skills that are mentioned in this article then it would be a wise choice to become a computer consultant as the advice provided may very well help an organization.

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