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How Natural Crystals Are Formed

9/4/2013 3:31:04 PM | by Anonymous

Crystal: Natural

There are many kinds of natural crystals and they can differ greatly in their formation and uses, such as protection, healing or simply decoration. Some kinds of crystals include quartz, ice and sapphires.


Crystals are structures formed through the connection of atoms or molecules in a regular, repeated pattern. The shape of the resulting crystal is thus influenced by the patterns by which their molecules or atoms interlock and crystals can usually be identified because they follow an orderly geometric shape and have unique orientations. For example, salt forms cubes, and snowflakes form six-points.


As the crystals grow (they are not actually alive) the temperature and chemical composition of the surroundings can cause many variations in the crystals. Natural crystals are formed in the wild both at the surface and deep inside the Earth. In terms of weight and volume, the Earth’s bedrock contains the largest concentration of crystals. Granite is a crystalline rock that has cooled slowly under pressure, thus it is totally crystallized. Other types of crystal rocks such as marble are from rocks such as limestone. Over many years, the high temperature and pressure caused their original structures to be erased and crystallization was included in the solid state. Crystals such as quartz can also be precipitated from water or vapor that is rich in dissolved minerals. Other crystals such as gypsum were deposited after their solutions evaporated. Usually, crystals that are large and well-formed have had plenty of space, and no other competing minerals, so they were able to grow.


Natural crystals are actually colorless, but the color seem in them is actually caused by the presence of impurities and the different range of color seen in various crystals depends on the number and type of impurities in them. For example, amethyst can range from light yellow to dark brown.


Natural crystals are crystals that are formed in the wild, over years and years in caves and or underground. Man-made crystals, however, are grown in simulated conditions in factories and grow at much faster rates. Natural crystals are still much more highly prized compared to man-made crystals, especially by people who believe that crystals such as quartz or obsidian have healing powers or affect Feng Shui, because it is believed that over the time of their formation, the crystals have stored energy and the man made crystals have less energy.


Different crystals have different meanings and uses in Feng Shui and they are used for the specific kinds of energy that they bring. For example, the rose quartz crystal is said to attract love and romance and heal broken hearts. Hematite is used to center energy and focus and also provides protection. The placement of these crystals also affects the energy, and they have to be cleansed regularly in case they absorb negative energy. Crystals can be purchased online or in bookstores or gift shops and come in various forms, such as single stones or a growth of crystals on a rock can be bought.


Crystals can even be grown at home for fun, from chemicals such as copper sulfate, potassium dichromate and even salt and sugar. They can be grown by creating a saturated solution and pouring it on an object such as a rock or sponge or by dipping a string into the solution, and allowing the solution to evaporate. However, these crystals are formed from aqueous solutions and thus will dissolve again if placed in water or even in humid conditions, so they must be stored carefully.


Nowadays, crystals are also used for technology. One such use for silicon crystals are solar panels. A silicon crystal with boron added as an impurity, and a layer of phosphorus is used in solar cells. They can also be used in transistors to regulate electron flow in circuits, act as switches and detect and amplify radio signals. Liquid crystals are also currently being used in displays such as watches where the numbers melt from one to another due to the selective reflection of white light through the liquid crystal that can be controlled through a variety of methods and more research and development is being carried out in this field.

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